galaxy note 2 problem

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problem in Connecting Via USB

Recently, we received a message in The Droid Guy Mailbag concerning a particular Galaxy Note 2 problem which reads, “Hi, my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 does not want to connect via USB cable to my PC. I tried it on another PC as well and still didn’t want to connect. It connected in the past

galaxy note 2 problem

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problem: Photos Can’t Be Opened

Recently, we received an email in our Mailbag which reads, “Hi, I just read your blog about the Galaxy Note 2, so I though that maybe you could help me. I’m having problems with my phone. The main problem is that I can’t access the photos that are stored in the memory phone and SD

print with Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problem in Bluetooth Pairing

Some users are reporting a certain Galaxy Note 2 problem wherein they are experiencing trouble in pairing their Bluetooth devices with it. Possible Solutions to the Galaxy Note 2 Problem with Bluetooth Pairing First, make sure that your Bluetooth device is compatible with your smartphone. Then follow these steps to properly pair it: 1. While