Galaxy Mega 2

[Deal] Unlocked Galaxy Mega 2 for $198.99

The #Samsung #GalaxyMega2 can now be yours for just $198.99 on eBay. The smartphone comes with a fairly large display panel on board, thus justifying the name. The Galaxy Mega 2 was originally exclusive to AT&T, but this particular variant has been unlocked to work with a number of GSM carriers out there. Keeping this in

Galaxy Mega 2

[Deal] Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 for $209.99

The AT&T branded #Samsung #GalaxyMega2 is now available on eBay for just $209.99. However, the handset offered by the retailer comes unlocked, making it compatible with a wide range of carriers in the U.S., including the likes of T-Mobile, Straight Talk etc. You won’t have much luck with CDMA carriers, however. The Galaxy Mega 2 sports

Galaxy Mega 2

[Deal] Unlocked AT&T Galaxy Mega 2 for $209.99

You can now get the #Samsung #GalaxyMega2 for just $209.99. This is the AT&T model of the handset but comes unlocked, letting you use practically any carrier with the phone. The Galaxy Mega 2 is a large smartphone (or a small tablet), packing a massive 6-inch display. While it might not be meant for everyone, those looking

Galaxy Mega 2

[Deal] Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 for $199.99

Samsung’s #GalaxyMega2 smartphone is now available for just $199.99 on eBay. This is the Korean manufacturer’s large sized budget offering that was quite successful in global markets. The handset is currently not available from a lot of retailers, which makes this a very good deal. For this price, you’re getting a relatively large 6-inch display,

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 AT&T

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 launching via AT&T on Oct. 24

The Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 smartphone is launching via AT&T later this week, according to a statement issued by the carrier. The smartphone will be made available for $474.99 off contract or $149.99 if you’re looking to sign a 2-year agreement. The Galaxy Mega 2 can also be had under the Next 18 plan for $19.80

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2

Hardware of the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 leaked out

A leak coming from an anonymous source has confirmed the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 smartphone. This appears to be in sync with what we’ve heard in the past before, so this could be the real deal. The image shows the device to be packing a 6 inch 720p display, a 1.5 GHz quad