How to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus

A hard reset is necessary when your Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus no longer responds as smoothly as before or if there are some issues with the firmware and you don’t know where to look. Moreover, if your phone can no longer boot into the home screen, a reset would also be necessary. It is therefore,

How to uninstall apps from Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus [Tutorial]

One of the many ways to optimize a device’s performance is by deleting unwanted contents including old and unused files and apps. Aside from ensuring performance stability, doing so will likewise help free up some space of your phone’s storage, allowing it to allocate more files and new apps. In this quick video clip, I

How to Send SOS messages on Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus [Tutorials]

This post will teach you how to send SOS messages on your Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus. Most, if not all modern smartphones already integrate a number of advanced features that are designed to address the certain needs of end-users. Samsung’s Galaxy J6 Plus for example, has one of these advanced functionalities that allows users to