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Galaxy Gear Owners In The US Can Now Move To Tizen


If you’re an owner of the original Samsung Galaxy Great smart watch and live in the US, there’s some good news for you today. Samsung just announced that they have released the software update that allows you to upgrade from the original Android software to their new Tizen software.

Samsung started the global rollout of this update in May and it’s nice to see the US models finally get it. Samsung says that with this new update, you get a bunch of new features, including a customizable interface, a new music player, triple the amount of apps available, and more.

It’s also relatively easy to update your Galaxy Gear, with just a few steps. First, you need to have the Samsung Kies software version 2.6 or higher on your Mac or PC, a USB cable to connect your Gear to your computer, and a fully charged battery on the Gear.

Samsung warns you that upgrading from Android to Tizen will wipe out all data on your Galaxy Gear, so make sure to back up any data you might want to keep before installing the update. And on the device your Gear is paired with, you need to upgrade to the latest version of the Gear Manager app.

Will you be switching to Tizen on your Galaxy Gear or will you remain on Android?

Source: Samsung via Android Central

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Gear selling for $89.99 from Best Buy


Galaxy Gear

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch wasn’t exactly a runaway success for the company as its overall sales estimates will suggest. However, the company has learned its lesson with the smartwatch recently getting an update to Tizen which brings it on par with the Gear 2 as far as usability is concerned.

Today, Best Buy is offering a sweet deal on the refurbished model of the wearable. Interested customers can get the device for just $89.99 over at the retailer’s website, which is a decent bargain on the now almost extinct smartwatch. Users won’t have to bear shipping charges either, which is another bonus with this deal.

Refurbished means a device which has made its way back to the manufacturer or seller to be reset and is back in pristine condition again, so in some ways it’s not too different from a brand new unit. If you’re not too worried with the caveats, make sure you give the deal a look from the link below.

Source: Best Buy

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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Gear on sale for $99 from Daily Steals

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Gear on sale for $99 from Daily Steals

The original Galaxy Gear, despite a few good features and functionality, never caught on as Samsung had hoped, causing the company to hurriedly bring out the Gear 2. However, the original Gear has certainly become a better device through updates, with the most recent update switching its OS from Android to Tizen, which makes the $99 price attached to it on Daily Steals today the sweetest deal you will likely see. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Gear officially making the transition to Tizen


Galaxy Gear

A couple of weeks ago, a revelation made by a trusted Samsung source revealed the Galaxy Gear smartwatch running on Tizen, hinting at the imminent arrival of an update. And the day is finally here when Samsung’s Android based smartwatch from last year makes the switch to Tizen with an update now rolling out.

Even though the operating system will be replaced, it is said that there won’t be a lot of visual differences. The update brings version 2.2.0 of Tizen to the device and contains features like a standalone music player with the ability to store music locally on the device. Other enhancements like improved battery life and performance enhancements are in place as well.

Since the smartwatch is making the shift to a new OS, most of the apps meant for the Galaxy Gear won’t work. But that’s only until developers port the apps to Tizen using Samsung’s rumored app emulator. At the moment, the update is only available via Samsung Kies, so make sure you hook your device to the computer to download and install the latest update.

It is said that all the data will be erased from the device, so make sure you have a backup before proceeding with the update. The smartwatch will have to be set up as a new unit and will need to be paired with devices again as it’s basically starting from scratch.

If you’ve downloaded the update on your Galaxy Gear, make sure you let us know by dropping a line below.

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Samsung reportedly sold 500,000 smartwatches in Q1 2014


Galaxy Gear

According to a new report, Samsung has sold 500,000 smartwatches in the first quarter of the year, which is until the end of March. This comes with a total smartwatch sales of 700,000 during the period, which makes it clear that the Korean manufacturer has been the most successful smartwatch maker in early 2014.

Interestingly, these numbers only take the Galaxy Gear into consideration as the new trio of Gear devices weren’t launched until Q2. So the numbers for the second quarter will be significantly greater for the company. But Samsung will be content to know that it had a 71% smartwatch marketshare in the first three months of the year.

The Galaxy Gear is expected to get an update to Tizen in the coming days, so it will be well in line with the Gear 2 and the Gear 2 Neo as far as functionality is concerned. The first gen Gear smartwatch wasn’t well received at launch due to the high price tag and lack of enough compatible devices at launch. But Samsung rectified some of that with the new smartwatches, so it will expect to do a lot better this year.

Source: Strategy Analytics

Via: Android Beat

Samsung Galaxy Gear to get an update to Tizen: Video

Gear Live

Galaxy Gear Tizen

With the arrival of the two new Gear smartwatches, the general consensus was that the original Galaxy Gear which broke cover in September last year would become obsolete. However, some reports have indicated that Samsung might be drawing the smartwatch towards Tizen by providing an update. This has now been confirmed with an unofficial video popping up courtesy of Sam Mobile, explaining how exactly this would work on Samsung’s 2013 smartwatch.

The arrival of Tizen for the Galaxy Gear will mean that all the existing apps on the smartwatch will have to be ported by the developers using the Tizen SDK. But thanks to the apps already available on Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and the Gear Fit, that shouldn’t be much of a concern.

The UI won’t be a whole lot different, as Samsung hasn’t made a lot of changes in this area with the new Tizen smartwatches. But features like a sleep tracker are said to be on board with this new update which will breathe a new life into the Galaxy Gear. There’s no word on when this update could go live, but we might not have to wait long given that Samsung is already offering previews.

Via: Sam Mobile

Samsung Galaxy Gear selling for $99.99 on eBay


Galaxy Gear

The first gen Samsung smartwatch also known as the Galaxy Gear is now available for $99.99 from eBay. The listing claims that it’s a “manufacturer refurbished” product, but that’s immaterial considering that it’s only $100. The brand new unit was priced at $299.99 at the time of launch, so this is certainly a decent amount of savings, even though it’s a refurbished product.

The device is being offered in Grey, Black and Rose Gold colors, so customers have plenty of options to choose from. The smartwatch is being sold by the official Best Buy store on eBay so it’s a reliable source that you’ll be buying from. The smartwatch is compatible with a wide range of Galaxy devices currently sold in the market as long as they’re running Android 4.3 or above.

Since Samsung already has the trio of Gear 2 devices, the Galaxy Gear is pretty obsolete. So deals like these are much expected at this juncture. Hit the link below to purchase the smartwatch at the discounted price.

Source: eBay

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Samsung Galaxy Gear now available for $160 via Woot


Galaxy Gear

The smartwatch that started it off for Samsung, the Galaxy Gear is now available for a decent deal via The online retailer is now offering the brand new version of the smartwatch for $160. This is a $140 discount from the original asking price from September, so it’s a decent deal. The smartwatch is compatible with a wide range of Galaxy devices, as long as they’re running Android 4.3 and up, so this could be worth a look if you own a compatible device.

It’s normal to be hesitated in getting an older generation device especially when a refreshed model is launching later this week. However, the new Gear 2 still costs $300 and considering that both devices feature pretty much the same hardware inside, the deal is clearly worth a look.

So go ahead and give the listing a look if you’re in the market for a companion accessory like this. Of course, there are plenty of other deals available for the smartwatch at the moment, as we recently found Best Buy selling it for $149.99.

Source: Woot

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Best Buy now selling the Samsung Galaxy Gear for $149.99

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 may be in the works

Samsung Galaxy Gear

The Samsung Galaxy Gear was a decent product when it was announced back in September. However, lack of proper compatibility with other smartphones (including Samsung’s own devices) and the steep pricing didn’t really help drive the sales forward. Shortly after, Samsung brought down the original $300 pricing to $250 in a bid to attract more customers.

Today, American retailer Best Buy is offering the smartwatch with a $100 discount, bringing the price down to just $149.99. This is clearly the best pricing for the smartwatch and should help drive the sales forward as well. Samsung recently slashed the pricing of the Galaxy Gear in some regions, so a price cut in the U.S. was much expected.

The smartwatch is compatible with a variety of Samsung devices today as long as they’re running on Android 4.3 with Bluetooth 4.0 LE. Hit the source link below for more on this deal. It appears to be a limited period promotion as well, so if you’re interested and own a compatible Samsung device, make sure you give this deal a thorough look. At the moment, Best Buy is selling the Lime Green, Oatmeal Beige, Wild Orange and Rose Gold variants of the Galaxy Gear.

Source: Best Buy

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Samsung cuts Galaxy Gear price by $120 in India, might do the same worldwide


The Galaxy Gear is a somewhat impressive smartwatch for a first attempt, but if there’s one thing that has made people steer clear of Samsung’s debut smartwatch product, it’s been the rather insane asking price of $299. The Gear doesn’t exactly do any particular thing in a special way, and when you factor in its incompatibility with all but a few Samsung phones and tablets (that too after a firmware update), the smartwatch is one device that doesn’t really make sense for many.

Well, Samsung seems to have understood that the price of the Gear was too high, and as a result, the Korean manufacturer has given the smartwatch a $120 price cut in India. According to DailyTech, this price reduction is permanent, and is expected to go into effect globally in all markets, with the U.S. price to down to as low as $210. At the new price, the Galaxy Gear becomes instantly a lot more attractive than before, and the expected launch of the Galaxy Gear 2 in the next couple of months (most likely alongside the Galaxy S5) might have had something to do with Samsung’s move to make the first-generation Gear a more affordable product.

Would you buy the Galaxy Gear at the new price?

Verizon updates Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch with support for Twitter app


The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch from Verizon is now getting a much needed update with support for the Twitter application. The update also includes several bug fixes and minor improvements. Most of the improvements are minor, but most noticeable among them in the changelog is the improved battery life. The smartwatch will also get an improved S-Voice search app, a new NFC pairing animation and so on. You can find the complete changelog and improvements making its way to the smartwatch from the screenshot below which was taken from Verizon’s official support page.

This update will change the software version to V700XXUAMK, so make sure you’re on the lookout for an update. The same update made its way to global Galaxy Gear units last month, so it’s high time the carrier variants in the U.S. got it. The Samsung Galaxy Gear seemed like an unfinished product at the time of launch, but things are a lot better now thanks to these updates. We expect Samsung to have learnt its lessons from the failure of the Galaxy Gear and the company will most likely come up with a better and improved smartwatch later this year.

Verizon Galaxy Gear

Source: Verizon

Via: Pocketnow

New Galaxy Gear update brings support for third party apps like Twitter, Gmail, Facebook and more

Galaxy Gear Update

Galaxy Gear UpdateThe Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch has been heavily criticized since its launch. There were several well justified reasons like pricing and lack of proper support which clearly didn’t go down well with the customers. However, Samsung is on a mission to make this experiment of a smartwatch more bearable with every new update. Keeping that in mind, Samsung has issued another new update to the smartwatch, which this time brings support for popular third party apps like Gmail, Facebook, Hangouts and Twitter.

As shown descriptively by the folks at Pocket-Lint, the smartwatch can now display mail from Gmail or your tweets from the Twitter app, right within the screen. Although it looks a bit cramped, we must commend Samsung for finally bringing support for these popular apps. This is one of those things which Samsung probably could have included right out of the box, but Samsung maybe didn’t expect the smartwatch to go through such severe scrutiny right after its launch. The new update is rolling out to some units of the Galaxy Gear in the UK, although a few users reportedly received the update some days ago.

Via: Pocket-Lint

Galaxy Gear update brings advanced notifications and improved battery life



The Galaxy Gear is becoming a better smartwatch today thanks to a new update that is rolling out for it in the US. Carrying build number MK7, the update brings along advanced notifications on the Gear – users can now receive notifications for any app they’ve installed on their phone, and the watch will display the full content of those notifications. This is a neat new feature that users will like, as there will be even lesser need for them to pick up their paired phone for each and every notification that comes in.

The update is also supposed to fix one of the Gear’s most glaring faults – according to the changelog, the battery life has been improved, and while real-life results post update are yet to be seen, even a couple of hours of increased battery life would be welcome. The update also brings faster performance across the entire watch, faster S Voice functionality, and improved range and connection that should keep the watch connected for longer distances between it and the handset it is paired to.

The update is currently rolling out over the air, though according to Android Central, some users might have to use a PC and Samsung’s Kies program to update if they receive an error saying “The maximum number of roll-outs has been exceeded” while trying to update via the watch itself. Users will also need the latest version of the Gear Manager app on the phone, which will be needed to set which apps send a notification to the watch.

Samsung has sold over 800,000 units of the Galaxy Gear globally [Update]


Galaxy GearWhile we have been very critical of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch ever since its launch, it seems like the sales figures for the device aren’t as bad as we thought. According to a new figure, the smartwatch has sold over 800,000 units worldwide and over 50,000 units in South Korea alone. And this is since the past two months of its launch.

We’re not sure if the returns were taken into account here, but it’s very clear that Samsung successfully managed to convert hype into sales. We would like to get actual sales figures from Samsung, which is very unlikely at this point of time, but selling over 800,000 units of a smartwatch is indeed an accomplishment. We can expect the numbers to grow further as more Samsung devices get compatibility with the smartwatch when the Android 4.3 update rollout is finished by Samsung.

Sadly, some devices like the AT&T Galaxy S4 and the global Galaxy S3 are seeing delays in the rollout of the Android 4.3 update, which is cause for concern.

Update: It seems like Samsung only “shipped” 800,000 units of the Galaxy Gear and not sold all of them, so the actual sales figures are bound to be much lesser.

Source: Business Insider

Via: Engadget