What to do if your new Samsung Galaxy A7 2019 won’t turn on

The Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 has been released last month, October 2018, and it actually received quite high approval ratings from its owners. It’s a pretty stable smartphone with features that can be found in Samsung flagship devices. But just like any other devices, it’s not free of problems and if you’re one of the

How to unfreeze a frozen Samsung Galaxy A7 (easy steps)

The Samsung Galaxy A7 is a mid-range device that packs impressive hardware specs as well as features. It received positive reviews from owners mostly for its design and specs but just like any other smartphones, there will come a time when the device just freezes without apparent reason and no longer responds. Such is the

How to hard reset on Samsung Galaxy A7

Learning how to hard reset your Galaxy A7 is one of the important troubleshooting steps that you need to know. Hard reset is also known as factory reset or master reset. Follow the steps below on how to do the ways to hard reset your A7. How to hard reset on Samsung Galaxy A7 Performing

Quick fix for a Samsung Galaxy A7 that won’t turn on

Unless your Samsung Galaxy A7 suffered from some serious physical or liquid damage, fixing the problem that left your device unresponsive with a black screen would be easy. We’ve encountered this problem many times already wherein the phone won’t turn on no matter how many times or how long you press the Power key. However,

How to fix Samsung Galaxy A7 that started to run so slow (easy steps)

Performance issues occur from time to time even to high-end phones. In fact, we have received quite a lot of complaints from our readers saying their devices started to run slow after an update or any other situations. Recently, there has been quite a lot of applications that crashed including Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat and