Galaxy A6 hotspot is slow and keeps disconnecting

Some people may use hotspot or mobile tethering in order to allow other devices to connect to the internet. If you happen to have a problem when using hotspot or mobile tethering on your Galaxy A6, learn how to deal with it below. Problem: Galaxy A6 hotspot is slow and keeps disconnecting I recently got

What to do if your Samsung Galaxy A6 2019 is not charging (easy steps)

Samsung has confirmed the release of its latest mid-range duo, the 2018 Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A6+ smartphones that are set to hit the market this month. The new Galaxy handsets sport high-end features including a premium design, Infinity Displays with Super AMOLED panels, a dual camera, octa-core processor, and long lasting battery, to name

How to fix Samsung Galaxy A6s that won’t turn on

The new Samsung Galaxy A6s comes packed with really impressive technical specs but just like any other smartphones in the market today, it’s far from being perfect so you can expect some hiccups from time to time. Among the most common problem  you may probably encounter is when the phone no longer responds or turn