galaxy a50 keeps dropping wi-fi connection

Galaxy A50 Keeps Dropping Wi-Fi Connection After Android 10

Some units of the Galaxy A50 keeps dropping Wi-Fi connection shortly after the Android 10 update, although some owners reported that the connection still works well before the problem occurs. The drops reportedly occur several times a day, which is apparently very annoying as it affects how owners use the phone.  But based on our

turn off galaxy a50

How To Turn Off Galaxy A50 With Unresponsive Touchscreen

Have you ever encountered an issue wherein you cannot turn off Galaxy A50, or any smartphone, because the screen just won’t respond? As you know, you need a combination of the power key and touchscreen to turn off the device. If such an issue occurs, you may be able to display the power options by

4g lte not working

Galaxy A50 4G LTE Not Working

There have been some owners of the Galaxy A50 that have been complaining because they’re having some network-related issues. There were those who reported about the 4G LTE not working on their devices, and this is what we’re gonna tackle in this post.  Network-related issues are often minor problems. In other words, you may be

galaxy a50 won't auto-rotate

What To Do If Galaxy A50 Won’t Auto-Rotate

The auto rotation of the screen should occur if you’re using an app and you tilt your phone sideways, provided that the Auto rotate feature is enabled. However, some users reported that their Galaxy A50 won’t auto-rotate for some reason. Others said the problem started after an update, while there were those who reported the

samsung galaxy a50 has become slow and sluggish or laggy

What to do with Slow and Sluggish Galaxy A50

Performance issues are normal but they often occur when you least expect them and that would seem to be happening with some owners of the Samsung Galaxy A50. According to some owners, their devices has become slow and sluggish after an update but it’s not a major update because the Android 10 update for the

How to fix a Galaxy A50 that keeps losing WiFi signal

When it comes to connectivity, WiFi is more reliable than mobile data but it seems like some owners of the Samsung Galaxy A50 are experiencing difficulties connecting to the Internet because their phone reportedly keeps losing WiFi signal. As a result, their devices won’t stay connected to the Internet and many services will surely be

How to fix a Galaxy A50 that keeps losing mobile data signal

There are owners of the Samsung Galaxy A50 who reported that their phones keep losing mobile data signal. As a result, they can no longer send or receive MMS or picture messages and if WiFi isn’t available, they cannot connect to the internet using cellular data. Depending on how you use your phone daily, you

What to do if the WiFi switch on your Galaxy A50 is greyed out

Some owners of the Galaxy A50 have been complaining about the WiFi switch that is greyed out. They said that the problem started after an update and that it occurred without any obvious reason. It is not really uncommon that sometimes some services may act up. In fact, there were also users who reported to

Fix a Galaxy A50 connected to the network but No Internet

Your phone may be properly connected to your WiFi network but it doesn’t necessarily mean you can browse the internet already. There are times when your phone has no internet connection even if everything seems fine. Most of the time, this is an issue with the network but it is also possible that the problem

What to do if Galaxy A50 mobile data switch is greyed out

When a certain service on your Galaxy A50 is disabled, the problem can be due to a glitch. Glitches happen all the time and when they do, various issues may occur and this can be one of them. We have readers who reported that the mobile data switch on their phones is greyed out. Meaning,

What to do if the WiFi connection keeps dropping on Galaxy A50

When a WiFi connection starts to keep dropping, the problem could be with your network device or your phone. That’s the reason why you need to troubleshoot your phone to be able to determine the cause of the problem as well as fix it. Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy A50 have encountered this problem,

How to fix a Galaxy A50 that can’t connect via Mobile Data

Mobile data is very important because aside from the fact that you can only send MMS or picture messages through it, you will also find it very useful if you badly need to connect to the Internet while you’re mobile. Of course WiFi is always the first choice as far as connectivity is concerned because

How to fix a Galaxy A50 that won’t connect to WiFi

The Samsung Galaxy A50 is a mid-range device and while it’s not as fast as the flagships, it should still be able to work properly without any issues. Among the services that are always reliable is the WiFi. But just recently, some owners of the phone have complained that their device won’t connect to WiFi

How to fix Ten Common Network or Connection Issues with Galaxy A50

Network problems or connection issues are among the most common problems any smartphone owners may encounter every now and then. But unless your device has some serious physical or hardware damage, these problems can be fixed by doing some basic troubleshooting procedures. It seems like some units of the Samsung Galaxy A50 have been hit

Step by step Guide in fixing Samsung Galaxy A50 that keeps freezing

My Samsung Galaxy A50 is doing pretty good and is very responsive. I never actually encountered issues with it. However, some of our readers reported because they have encountered some performance issues with it. The most common issue is when the phone keeps freezing for no apparent reason or cause.  Random freezes are pretty annoying