wifi internet failed on galaxy a70

Is Internet not working on Galaxy A70? Here’s how you fix it.

To avoid any confusion, this post tackles a connectivity problem with the Samsung Galaxy A70 and not about the app or web browser call ‘Internet.’ There have been owners who reported that their devices suddenly dropped their connection and there was no immediate or obvious cause. Connectivity problems occur every now and then. Some may

samsung galaxy a20, slow and sluggish, performance issue

How to Fix a Slow and Sluggish Galaxy A20 or has poor performance

When a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy A20 becomes slow and sluggish, you can always expect it to be a problem with the firmware. Firmware problems, no matter how serious they are, often result in performance issues. The fact is having a sluggish device is actually not that serious, provided that the firmware has not

Samsung Mobile Design Competition

Samsung Giving Away up to $40,000 for Designing Original Accessories

Samsung is launching a competition with up to $40,000 to give away for designing accessories meant for Galaxy devices, including wearables, tablets, and smartphones. This means designers can come up with ideas for smartphone cases, earbuds cases, or even watch bands. The focus will also be on the user experience aspect in addition to the

How to fix commonly reported Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Internet problems

Learn how to #troubleshoot some pre-installed apps with the #Samsung #Galaxy S7 Edge (#S7Edge) that can’t connect to the internet. How to fix your phone whose mobile data connection keeps dropping off. Is there really a prioritization issue with the Play Store that affects phones connected via Wi-Fi? How to permanently fix an issue involving