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Lenovo says 7-inch tablets is set to compete with larger smartphones

Chinese hardware and electronics conglomerate Lenovo says 7-inch tablet is set to compete with large-screen smartphones than large tablets or personal computers. Lenovo Chief Executive Yang Yuanqing stated he’s optimistic about the current trend in the tablet market that shows customers preference on 7-inch tablets over the 10-inch tabs such as Apple’s latest product –

Microsoft killing Gadgets in Windows 8

If you can recall Windows Vista, Microsoft had introduced something called Windows Sidebar then. This sidebar can house multiple Windows Desktop Gadgets, which are essentially mini-applications or Gadgets that are based on a combination of Script and HTML. These little Gadgets can deliver information such as system time or web based features such as RSS feeds, and to control

Underwear Protects You From TSA

This has nothing to do with Android or Google but traveling and TSA are big topics these days. Are you worried about protecting your privacy from the radiation at the TSA screening equipment at your local airport? Jeff Buske of Las Vegas, has created a special kind of underwear just for this occasion. Buske of

Blue Ant Shows off Q2 Android Bluetooth Headset at Pepcom

We originally heard about the Q2 Bluetooth headset by Blue Ant Wireless over the summer. They had announced a blue tooth headset with voice recognition, noise cancelling/reduction and a downloadable Android app similar to Motorola’s “Moto Speak” The Q2 comes in both black and platinum and has one of the best wind/noise canceling system available,

Fish Phonics/EarZee Go Go Gadget Phone

Well, one of the coolest things we actually saw at CTIA this year was the Stretch Earzee a simple bluetooth headset device that comes in a bracelet style/wristwatch style case with a retractable ear piece. The Earzee comes in two different styles the wristband style called the “Zip Earzee” with the quick zip back retractor.

The Art of Buying an Android

My Matthew G. Writer TDG Online Having the latest and greatest tech is more important to some than others. Most people pride themselves on having the newest phone or tech. With new Android devices launching left and right, it will be hard to keep up with Andy. Let’s say you hear about a hot new Android device. You

Samsung Live: and that's a wrap

Not a word about anything mobile as I originally reported, not predicted reported here on August 2, 2010 Click Here for the original story

Samsung Live: New 3d Products

Introducing the World’s Largest 3D LED Television at 65 Inches with precision dimming ——————— 3 New 3D Plasma Televisions Samsung unveils the first Portable 3D Blue Ray Player

Samsung Live: John Revie About TVs

By the end of the year 3D will make up to 20% of the Big Screen TV’s By 2012 that number should be 40% Samsung has 80% of the TV Market Share

Samsung Live:

They are continually playing a karaoke instrumental version of “Hey Soul Sister”