Gadget Spotlight: Optoma PK301 Projector

If you’re in the market for a pico projector than Optoma is the first place I would look. Optoma has been an industry standard in projectors for nearly a decade, but long gone are the days of wheeling in the best projector to the conference room. Nowadays the pico projector is a must have for

The SoundiD 5 experience – The App

Bluetooth headsets have to be more than just a little special in order to grab my attention, they really do. There are so many out there that have obvious flaws that for the most part I ignore them. It has to be something really unique. Something new, but still functional. As it stands, I have

Amzer’s 3500 maH Solar ready Battery

On the go power is a serious issue for some. I typically can’t go a whole day without killing my Nexus One due to Angry Birds and keeping up with Android broadcasts and occasionally catching up on a TV show or movie. I am quite aware of my cell phone abuse, and because of that,

Gadget Review – Jabra STONE

Since there are a million bluetooth headsets out there – I very rarely bother even trying more than one ever couple of months. If they look nice, chances are they don’t work well. If they work well, it’s likely uncomfortable to wear. If it’s comfortable to wear, they usually aren’t even very good. I won’t