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How to fix LG G6 Plus that keeps on rebooting (easy steps)

Some users of the LG G6 Plus, one of the new phones released by the company this year, have been complaining about an issue wherein the phone reportedly keeps rebooting by itself without apparent reason or cause. Now, when it comes to booting issues that occur out of the blue, they’re often due to some

How to fix LG G6 Plus that keeps freezing and crashing (easy steps)

While the LG G6 Plus comes packed with really impressive hardware specs, it’s not free of problems and errors. In fact, we have received quite a lot of complaints suggesting the phone is actually prone to freezing and crashing. According to some owners, their devices freezes for a few seconds at random times regardless of

How to fix LG G6 Plus that won’t turn on (easy steps)

The LG G6 Plus is basically the bigger brother of the company’s flagship and it packs really impressive hardware specs but just like any other smartphones in the market today, it’s not free from errors and problems. Among the most common problems owners have encountered has something to do with the phone’s capability to turn