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HTC One V To Come In Purple And Black

The HTC One V is the lower end device in HTC’s new One series of smartphones that were announced at Mobile World Congress last month. Although it’s the device with the lower end specs, it does bring back the familiar “chin” that we saw on the original HTC G1 when Android first came out. The

Ice Cream Sandwich Port Hits The G1

If you’ve been wondering where the technical requirements start for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich this may shed some light. It may be a bit slow but some of the developers over at XDA in an effort spear headed by jcarrz1 and team, have a working Ice Cream Sandwich ROM running on the oldest Android

T-Mobile 16% Of Android Market Share

One of the saddest things with the pending AT&T/T-Mobile merger is thinking about what may happen to innovation with the 4th largest carrier in the United States. Although they are only the 4th largest carrier in the United States T-Mobile USA, has been on the cutting edge of mobile innovation, time and time again.  For

Cyanogen Ends Support For G1 and My Touch 3G

Cyanogen and Team Douche have officially announced that after Cyanogen Mod 6.x they are no longer supporting the G1 or the My Touch 3G. With all the new hardware that’s coming out the rest of this year this is a smart decision so that CyanogenMod and Team Douche can focus on newer phones and newer

G2 Quick Unboxing

The T-Mobile/HTC G2 has arrived and it’s time to do a quick unboxing. We will have a way more indepth review a little bit later. Both T-Mobile and HTC are major supporters of the Big Android Barbecue. The G2 is the replacement for the G1 the HTC/T-Mobile/Google debut retail phone.  What are your thoughts on

Big in Japan getting bigger by the minute

Big in Japan makers of the world famous Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner app have already outgrown their offices at the Infomart center in Dallas Texas. Weren’t we disappointed to find out that the Incredible Hulk was guarding the Shop Savvy Data Center and not in the front of the lobby of their makeshift temporary offices

Revolutionizing the Phone Buying Experience

Google has posted this blog entry about revolutionizing the cell phone buying experience. I don’t necessarily agree with the post but here it is in it’s entirety Our New Approach to Buying A Mobile Phone Let me tell you this about the mobile phone buying experience though. I have a fair amount of experience in

The Hoopla Around the Nexus One

Before I start my rant I am sure I will end up with one… I love having the latest greatest android phones… Here’s what I don’t understand, in the summer of 2008 all of the hoopla was about the brand new google phone, could you believe google was making a phone and partnering with HTC..