LG G Watch Black

[Deal] LG G Watch in Black for $59.95

An eBay retailer is now offering the Black #LG #GWatch for just $59.95. For those unaware, the G Watch is one of the first Android Wear devices to hit the markets, so it has a pretty decent value in the mobile industry. The smartwatch is only available in Black though, with the White/Gold version not

LG G Watch Black

[Deal] New LG G Watch for $74.99

One of the first #AndroidWear smartwatches to reach the markets, the #LG #GWatch has just popped up on eBay at a very good price. This brand new wearable can be bought for just $74.99 thanks to the generosity of a retailer. For those unaware, the G Watch is one of the legacy Android Wear smartwatches

LG G Watch Game

Curious developer ports PSP and N64 games onto an LG G Watch

Developers have achieved the greatest feats using the bare minimum resources. An example of that is available today, wherein a developer has managed to port PSP (PlayStation Portable) and Nintendo 64 games on to an #AndroidWear running #LG #GWatch wearable. This is quite hard to believe at first, but that’s exactly what a developer named Hacking Jules has

LG G Watch and G Watch R getting Android Wear 5.1.1 update

While the LG Watch Urbane already runs Android Wear 5.1 by default, the existing lot of wearables were waiting for the update. The ASUS ZenWatch recently started getting the update and now LG’s two premier wearables from last year – the G Watch and the G Watch R are also getting the new update. While

LG G Watch

[Deal] LG G Watch selling for just $99 through Verizon

The first Android Wear smartwatch to be available in the markets, the LG G Watch is now selling for a paltry $99.99 through Verizon as part of a new deal. The smartwatch was previously priced at $229 when it was initially launched back in July last year. Since then, the G Watch has seen innumerable

LG G Watch - Play Store Discount

Google Play Store selling the LG G Watch for $179

Early last week, Best Buy started selling the LG G Watch for just $179.99. This was an anticipated move given the arrival of the LG G Watch R. And now, following Best Buy’s lead, Google has also reduced the pricing of the G Watch in the Play Store to just $179 down from $229. However, Google

LG G Watch - Gold and Black

LG G Watch selling for just $180 through Best Buy

Best Buy is now offering the LG G Watch wearable for a paltry $179.99 which is a $50 discount on the asking price. This comes as the company gears up to launch the G Watch R at the IFA event in a few days from now. Considering that the G Watch was one of the first

LG G Watch Cradle

LG G Watch replacement charger arrives on the Play Store for $20

The Google Play Store has just received the official LG G Watch replacement charging cradle, priced at $19.99 excluding shipping. This will come as a decent alternative to your existing charger and could come in handy if you lose or misplace your original cradle. Given the odd arrangement involved in the charging of the G Watch,

Best Buy LG G Watch

LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live now available via Best Buy

Up until now, the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live wearables were only available for purchase from the Google Play Store and Amazon. But starting today, popular retailer Best Buy has also started stocking up on the two smartwatches, providing buyers a third option to buy the new Android Wear smartwatches. Pricing remains unchanged from the

LG G Watch gets a custom ROM

It has barely been a week since the LG G Watch was made available for the general public and the smartwatch has already received its first custom ROM. The dynamics of having a custom ROM on a smartwatch isn’t quite clear to us yet, but the creator believes that it provides better battery backup and

LG G Watch Press

LG G Watch will set you back by $229 via the Play Store

Google announced that the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch smartwatches will be going up for pre-order via the Play Store later today, although no official word was mentioned on the price. But LG has now confirmed that its offering will cost $229 when it hits the Play Store on the 7th of

LG G Watch

LG G Watch spotted in the wild

The LG G Watch is hardly a week away from being shown off at the I/O event and the leaks are beginning to pour in. Although the device is not a surprise, there haven’t been a lot of live images of the smartwatch in the wild. The picture accessed here shows the smartwatch in all

Google I/O attendees will be given a free LG G Watch

When Google announced the registration for the 2014 I/O event in San Francisco, it was immediately obvious that the entry fee wasn’t going to be cheap. However, a new revelation should put a smile on registrants’ faces as LG is reportedly expected to give away a unit of the G Watch to attendees. It is common knowledge by

LG G Watch

Europe getting the LG G Watch in June with a €199 price tag

According to LG France, the upcoming Android Wear based smartwatch from the company will retail for €199 ($276) in Europe this June. This could mean that LG will sell the device for $199 when it breaks cover in the U.S. as manufacturers like to keep the pricing figure uniform across regions. The G Watch was recently

LG G Watch

New trademark filing reveals possible LG G Watch follow up

With the LG G Watch all set to storm the markets in the coming months, we’re already coming across a possible follow up for the smartwatch. The Korean manufacturer has filed a trademark for the W Watch, indicating that another smartwatch is in the making. Now there’s no telling as to what the alphabet ‘W’ actually

LG G Watch

LG teases the G Watch in a new teaser image

The LG G Watch was announced shortly after Google made the Android Wear OS public. However, most of the attention was taken by the Moto 360 smartwatch and with good reason. However, LG doesn’t want people to forget that it has its own device in the making and has posted yet another teaser for the smartwatch through

LG G Watch

LG officially unveils the G Watch featuring Android Wear

After Motorola and fashion company Fossil announced their own Android Wear based smartwatches, LG doesn’t want to be left behind either as it has just announced its own smartwatch based on Android Wear. “This is LG’s fourth device developed in close collaboration with Google following the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and the LG G Pad