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[Deal] Verizon LG G Vista for $59.99

The #Verizon branded #LG #GVista is now available via eBay for just $59.99. The smartphone comes with budget ranged hardware on board, but even then, the G Vista seems like a steal for the price quoted by the seller here. This is a CDMA device and is locked to work with Verizon Wireless. The handset borrows some

LG G Vista

[Deal] LG G Vista for $139.99

The AT&T branded #LG #GVista is now up for grabs from eBay for a miserly price of $139.99. Even though the handset comes from AT&T, it has been unlocked to work with a wide array of GSM carriers in the U.S., so you can choose any network with this particular product. To give you a

LG G Vista

[Deal] AT&T LG G Vista for just $109.99

The AT&T #LG #GVista is now available for just $109.99. This is the off-contract version of the handset, although locked to work only with AT&T’s networks. This indicates that your carrier options are very limited. The G Vista is a moderately specced handset and comes with a 5.7-inch 720p display, a 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon

LG G Vista Verizon

Verizon LG G Vista to launch this Thursday, leak confirms hardware

The LG G Vista from Verizon will reportedly break cover this Thursday on the 31st of July according to a new leak. Pricing will be set at $99.99 with a 2-year agreement or $499.99 sans contract, which seems appropriate for a midrange offering of this caliber. Although the handset is bigger than the recently launched LG G3,

LG G Vista could launch through AT&T as well

The LG G Vista smartphone from Verizon has been part of several leaks over the past few weeks. And all this while, we were of the impression that the smartphone would be an exclusive to the carrier. But that changed over the weekend, with a user manual suggesting that the device will launch through AT&T as

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New leak shares hardware details of the LG G Vista

The LG G Vista or the G3 Vista for Verizon was spotted not too long ago. A new leak however is now sharing the entire specs sheet of the smartphone, revealing quite a lot that we didn’t know before. It seems that the G Vista is nothing but an under powered budget version of the

LG G Vista VZW

New leaked image reveals the Verizon branded LG G Vista

The LG G Vista smartphone for Verizon was leaked out a few days ago. And today, a new leak coming from Verizon has confirmed the device’s existence and given us a glimpse of the device as well. In what appears to be an accessory page for the G Vista, we can see the smartphone in

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Verizon could launch the LG G Vista handset soon

The LG VS880 was spotted in a leak not too long ago. And a new revelation made by Evleaks now suggests that this handset is headed towards Verizon Wireless in the U.S. carrying the LG G Vista moniker. At the moment, it’s hard to decipher if the handset is a variant of an already available smartphone or a