T-Mobile G-Slate Expecting Update To Android 3.1 Today

LG has confirmed that the T-Mobile G-Slate will receive a software update, hopefully today.  The software update will fix bugs that the G-Slate has been plagued with since it was released. It will also upgrade the operating system to Android 3.1. While other tablets are getting updated to Android 3.2, at least this is a

T-Mobile Dumps Dell Streak 7 Already

T-Mobile has apparently discontinued the Dell Streak 7 after just six months on the nation’s fourth largest carrier. The Dell Streak 7 was the follow up to the Dell Streak which was a 5″ phoneblet released on AT&T. The original Dell Streak didn’t sell very well.  Dell tried to sell them strictly direct from Dell

T-Mobile- G-Slate $100 Off For Early Sign Ups

It looks like T-Mobile’s secret offer for the G-Slate is out. If you remember, T-Mobile was offering $100 off the G-Slate on a two year contract for those that signed up. Well, it looks like they have added a small stipulation which is that the G-Slate has to be ordered before April 27th and this

T-Mobile Business As Usual Means Awesome Bi-Coastal Parties

One thing we’ve come to know over the years as mobile tech journalists as that T-Mobile throws some awesome parties. Despite the fact that T-Mobile’s future is uncertain tonight that tradition continued. Although the Samsung Sidekick 4G, The LG T-Mobile G2x and the T-Mobile G-Slate all came out to retail today, T-Mobile still saw it

T-Mobile G2X Release Date Approaching?

According to a leaked picture of a T-Mobile document, it seems that the release date for the T-Mobile G2X could be as soon as April 15th, while the T-Mobile slate still has an unknown release date.

Thedroidguy Goes Hands On With The LG T-Mobile G-Slate

The year of the tablet continued at the CTIA Mobile Life 11 show in Orlando Florida last week. Although AT&T announced they had put in an offer to buy T-Mobile just before the start of CTIA, it was business as usual at T-Mobile and at their CTIA booth. We caught up with our friend Alex

LG Beats Samsung & Sony To The Punch On Super Sunday

Forget what you know about last week being Super Bowl Sunday today is Super Sunday. Usually the day before MWC, or any tradeshow for that matter, opens the big announcements come out. We know that Samsung is announcing it’s whole line up shortly and Sony is also announcing the Sony Xperia Play later today.  But

LG Optimus Pad/G-Slate Promo Video Shows Up

The Xoom by Motorola was definitely the takeaway hit for CES 2011 in January in Las Vegas.  Who would have thought that LG would have the takeaway hit for MWC.  We can’t declare The LG Optimus Pad/G-Slate the big winner yet, afterall there are thousands of products to see, but we are confident when MWC

T-Mobile, Fast Really Fast, Tablets and More

So of the big 4 carriers T-Mobile didn’t focus on phones at their CES press conference on Thursday morning. Instead they shifted to substantial network improvements and the “buzz” word for this years CES convention, “Tablets”. T-Mobile is set to double it’s speed of their “4G” HSPA+ network to 42 mbps. In addition they will