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[Deal] LG G Pad 7.0 with 4G LTE for $78.99

You can now get the #LG #GPad7.0 for just $78.99 on eBay. What makes the deal amazing is the fact that it comes with 4G LTE and is unlocked to work with a myriad of GSM carriers, giving you the freedom to choose the network of your choice. This is as good as it gets, especially

[Deal] LG G Pad 7.0 with LTE for $94.99

You can now get the AT&T branded #LG #GPad7.0 for just $94.99 courtesy of a retailer on eBay. The tablet comes with a 7-inch display, which makes it easy to carry around compared to conventional large sized offerings. Further, the device comes with 4G LTE on board, which makes this a steal at this particular

[Deal] LG G Pad 7.0 w/LTE for $94.99

An eBay retailer is offering the #LG #GPad7.0 with LTE for just $94.99. This is a very attractive deal on the handset and bound to get tablet fans excited. Although there are quite a few tablets available in the industry today, it’s hard to get one from a big manufacturer like LG and for this

[Deal] LG G Pad V 7.0 for just $114.99

LG’s budget ranged #GPadV (7.0) is now available for a miserly $114.99 from eBay. This is a budget ranged Wi-Fi only tablet and is thus priced accordingly. While performance is not its strong suit, you will certainly get full value for your money with this device. The LG G Pad V comes with a 7-inch

[Deal] Refurb LG G Pad 7.0 tablet for just $49.99

You can now get the 8GB version of the #LG #GPad 7.0 for just $49.99, along with a FreedomPop connection that offers free LTE data. This deal comes from a generous retailer over at eBay. The model offered here is manufacturer refurbished though, so you’re not getting a brand new unit here. But that shouldn’t be

Verizon LG G Pad 7.0 now receiving Android 5.0 Lollipop

Although Android 5.0 Lollipop is quite common among the current crop of devices, there are some devices out there that are still running the aging Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. Verizon’s iteration of the LG G Pad 7.0 is one such device. However, the tablet has started receiving the Android 5.0 update as of today,

U.S. Cellular launches the LG G3 and the G Pad 7.0

America’s fifth largest carrier, U.S. Cellular has now started selling the LG G3 as well as the G Pad 7.0 tablet through its retail channels. The two devices complement each other really well as one is a flagship smartphone while the other is a budget priced tablet for your everyday needs. The carrier mentions that both

AT&T bringing the LG G Pad 7.0 LTE on August 8

AT&T has announced the arrival of the LG G Pad 7.0 LTE on its shelves starting from the 8th of August. The carrier will offer some juicy deals on the device when bundled with a smartphone such as the LG G3, G2 or the G Flex. If you choose to get either of the three smartphones, the

LG VK410 could be the Verizon bound LG G Pad 7.0

LG’s trio of the new midrange G Pad tablets were announced a few months ago by the company. And today, we’re coming across the 7 inch variant of the series carrying Verizon branding which could well be the carrier’s variant of the G Pad 7.0. Considering that it’s coming from Verizon, it’s safe to assume that the smartphone will