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LG G Flex T-Mobile

T-Mobile LG G Flex now up for pre registration

With the Sprint LG G Flex going up for pre-order recently, it was only a matter of time until other carriers followed suit. The smartphone with a unique curved OLED display was expected to arrive on Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T in the U.S. With the Sprint variant already on its way, it’s now the T-Mobile

LG G Flex Display

LG brushes aside reports of the G Flex having a faulty display

The LG G Flex is possibly one of the most innovative smartphones to break cover in 2013 from a major manufacturer. However, the smartphone received a minor setback recently when some users claimed that it has a faulty display. LG has now come to the defense of the smartphone, claiming that the issue is normal

LG G Flex

LG G Flex coming to AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile This Quarter

The LG G Flex, with its curved screen, will be coming to three of the top four US carriers this quarter. As part of their CES announcements today, LG announced on stage that the LG G Flex will be coming to AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile sometime this quarter. LG has not announced a specific release

LG G Flex renders leaked for AT&T and T-Mobile

Sprint might not be the only carrier currently preparing to launch the LG G Flex, as notorious leaker evleaks has leaked renders of the G FLex with T-Mobile and AT&T branding. Both renders show off the 4G LTE symbols of each carrier adorning the status bar. A date for the U.S. launch continues to be

Sprint LG G Flex

Press image of the Sprint LG G Flex leaked

We all knew that Sprint was launching the LG G Flex in the U.S. soon thanks to an FCC listing. And we have now been able to access a press image of the alleged Sprint variant of LG’s flexible display smartphone and it looks pretty convincing. A leak of a press image is a good

LG begins global rollout of the G Flex smartphone

The LG G Flex is now officially rolling out worldwide according to a press release issued by the company. The smartphone was announced in South Korea in late October and LG promised to launch it in global markets including the U.S. But Americans might have to wait a bit to get the smartphone officially. First

LG G Flex Accessories

New LG G Flex promotional images reveal compatible accessories

The LG G Flex is all but available now in South Korea and the company has decided to get the word going further by releasing a number of promotional materials including a video. The images however bear more significance, as they reveal the new accessories which will launch alongside the smartphone. These accessories include the

The LG G Flex can actually bend itself [Video]

The LG G Flex smartphone was announced in South Korea last week as the newest flexible display smartphone in town. While the smartphone remains an exclusive to Korea like the Samsung Galaxy Round, it certainly has made the news world over. Now, a new video has surfaced which reveals the true flexible nature of the

LG G Flex 1

LG G Flex leaks in a series of pictures

The Samsung Galaxy Round impressed us all with its design, although it turned out to be an experimental project. Since then, talks of¬†LG’s upcoming curved display smartphone known as the G Flex has increased in frequency. The smartphone is set to break cover next month and we’ve already had plenty of leaks showing off the

LG G Flex

Renders of the LG G Flex leaked with a 6 inch curved display

The LG G Flex has leaked in a fresh batch of renders revealing the huge curved display which we’ve heard about on numerous occasions. These images show the smartphone from the front and the side, consisting of three images in total. While we’re not shown what the back looks like, it’s almost evident from one

LG Flexible Display

LG’s flexible display smartphone delayed until November

Earlier yesterday, we heard of the LG Z smartphone which was touted as the company’s first flexible display smartphone. And now we’re hearing a slightly different name for the smartphone, known as the LG G Flex. We’re not really certain if this is the final working name for the smartphone, but it appears to be