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TDG Live: Comiccon 2011: Battle Bears Teams Up With FunChat

San Diego-CA Ben Vu one of the founders of SkyVu, the creators of the Battle Bears franchise, is showing off the Battle Bears at ComicCon 2011. Not only that but Vu had an exciting announcement. SkyVu is partnering with FunMobility and their FunChat platform to debut new avatars and themes for FunChat surrounded by the

FunChat Gets Fruit Ninjafied

The developers at HalfBrick Studios, the Australian team behind Fruit Ninja, have been working on expanding their brand presence to give that “everywhere” feeling you see with Rovio Mobile’s Angry Birds. In fact Half Brick licensed Fruit Ninja t-shirts can even be found in Hot Topic stores across the country, right next to the Angry

TDG LIVE: FunMobility Gets FunChatty At MobileBeat

We are in San Francisco today and tomorrow for VentureBeat’s MobileBeat and GamesBeat conference at the Palace Hotel.  Our good friends at FunMobility are on hand today to show off their cross platform FunChat. Funchat isn’t just a chat application it’s the world’s first cross platform environment blending chat, multi player gaming, HTML5 gaming and