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LG Unveils Three New High Definition Display Panels at CES 2013

LG Electronics like Samsung is known for a wide range of electronics components, ranging from home appliances to smartphones. The South Korean manufacturer is also very popular for the display panels that it produces with Apple being one of its key clients (for iPhones and iPads). After Samsung announced its new display panels at CES

LG Will Show Off A Variety of Display Panels at CES 2013

The rumor mill is currently crowded with all sorts of speculations and rumors for upcoming smartphones, especially the ones with 1080p displays. HTC has already shown us its offerings with the J Butterfly and the Droid DNA on Verizon, and so have Oppo and Huawei (at CES). But what about display tech giants like LG,

Samsung Could Showcase 5-inch 1080p Display Panel at CES 2013

It seems like the market will soon be crowded by 5-inch smartphones looking at the scheme of things. We’ve already seen the HTC Droid DNA and J Butterfly officially arrive in the U.S and Japan respectively. Then we’ve heard rumors of the Sony Yuga and Odin which are also believed to pack 1080p display panels