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FTC Fines Google $170 Million over Child Privacy Violations by YouTube

Google has just incurred a fine of $170 million slapped by the Federal Trade Commission as part of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). This is also the highest fine levied by the commission under the new COPP Act. FTC Chairman Joe Simons said, “YouTube touted its popularity with children to prospective corporate clients.

The FTC Has Filed Suit Against AT&T For Misleading Unlimited Data

The US Federal Trade Commission (the FTC) has filed a lawsuit against AT&T saying they have mislead millions of customers with promises of unlimited data. They believe that AT&T has throttled some users’ speeds to be 90% slower than normal. AT&T of course no longer offers unlimited data, but they have been throttling users who have used as

Google, FTC Officially Settles Motorola License Deal

When Google acquired Motorola it not only got the company but its patents as well. The company admitted that almost half of the $12.4 billion it paid went to acquire the intellectual property holdings of Motorola. The problem is that Motorola’s Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory (FRAND) dispute with the FTC was carried over to Google.

FTC And HTC Agree On Final Settlement Over Logging Software

The final settlement between the Federal Trade Commission and HTC America has been agreed upon this Tuesday which requires the smartphone manufacturer to implement various security measures. This comes after allegations that the company sold smartphones in the market with bugs that posed a risk to the privacy of consumers. The FTC announced the settlement

Google’s Acquisition of Waze Triggers an FTC Antitrust Investigation

Less than a month after Google acquired Waze, a social mapping startup company, there are reports that the Federal Trade Commission intends to carry out an antitrust review of the deal.  According to New York Post, FTC Lawyers contacted Google expressing their intention to conduct the antitrust review of the acquisition.  The New York Post

Google Could Face Another Antitrust Probe By The FTC

A Google antitrust probe could be underway again. Bloomberg claims that new investigation is being planned once more by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, an agency which Google has became so acquainted with lately in terms of the issue of unfair competition. The FTC alleged that Google is using its position in the online display-advertising

HTC America Settles With FTC On Carrier IQ And HTC Loggers Issue

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has reported that HTC America has settled with them the issue on failing to secure its mobile devices that have been shipped to consumers. Charges were previously filed against the company for failing to take reasonable steps in securing the software of its mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones

FTC Fines Developer Of Path App $800,000 For Privacy Violations

The US FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has slapped an $800,000 fine to the developers of the Path app for illegal collection of private information from children without their parents’ consent.  Path Inc. has agreed to pay the amount and will undergo a comprehensive privacy program which will undergo an independent assessment every other year for

Patent Case Loss in Apple vs Samsung Helping Google, Analyst Says

One plus for the technology giant Google, is that the Android operation system maker in the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit is how that decision could affect a federal antitrust investigation into Google, according to an analyst. Google is currently being investigated by the FCC (Federal Trade Commission) over some very broad antitrust claims, including Google’s

Smartphone Photo Controversy Prompts Senate Inquiry

As last week closed out, the safety and security of photos stored locally on your smartphone became an issue. At first it was iPhone only however Google freely admitted that photos on an Android device (and any smartphone for that matter) are stored in such a way that apps could access them, just like they

Google’s Eric Schmidt Responds To Government Concerns Over Privacy Policy

Google is in the process of changing their privacy policy. Rather than having 60+ different privacy policies that cover each of their products they’ve opted for one comprehensive policy that covers all of their products collectively. Congressman Ed Markey, along with seven other members of congress, sent a letter to Google expressing their concern over