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Fruit Ninja for Android getting a major UI overhaul next month

Halfbrick Studios, the makers of Fruit Ninja for Android have teased a major revamp to the app in an October update. Considering that the app has barely seen any changes over the past four years as far as functionality or user interface is concerned, the developers probably feel that a refresh is overdue. Halfbrick has clarified that

Eye Tribe Demonstrates How To Play Fruit Ninja Using Your Eyes

Eye Tribe, a known developer of eye-tracking programs for Android devices, just displayed the amazing things that the eye control technology can provide in a recent demo which took place last April 17. The company also revealed in the Demo Mobile conference held in San Francisco, California that it is about to release an SDK

Ever Wondered What Fruit Ninja In Real Life Looked Like?

Have you ever stopped to think what Fruit Ninja would look like in real life? I sure haven’t. A video that was uploaded by scottdw shows us just that though. In the starting of the video, we’re introduced to a dramatic opening as a Japanese man rides to fulfill the “prophecy.” Just like in Fruit Ninja, there

Jetpack Joyride Takes Google Play Users For A Spin

The team behind the addictive fruit-slashing game Fruit Ninja and its many variants like Fruit Ninja THD and Fruit Ninja Puss In Boots have finally brought Jetpack Joyride to Google Play. This game had been available on the iOS App Store since last year, and recognized by Pocket Gamer as the Best Action/Arcade Game of

Review: Fruit Ninja

Available On: Android, iOS Price: Free, $1.22, $2.99 for Tegra Exclusive Download: Google Play | iTunes Fruit Ninja is a game packed full of non-stop fruit slicing fun. Fruit Ninja is an arcade style game in the sense that you’ll only be slicing fruit and trying to get an all time high score. You get

TDG Live: Comiccon 2011: Battle Bears Teams Up With FunChat

San Diego-CA Ben Vu one of the founders of SkyVu, the creators of the Battle Bears franchise, is showing off the Battle Bears at ComicCon 2011. Not only that but Vu had an exciting announcement. SkyVu is partnering with FunMobility and their FunChat platform to debut new avatars and themes for FunChat surrounded by the

Fruit Ninja Free Now In The Android Market

The fine folks at Half Brick Studios, creators of Fruit Ninja, have released a free version of their hit game to the Android Market. The new ad supported game has the same functionality as the paid one, but of course with ads in tow.  Fruit Ninja is one of the most popular mobile games after

FunChat Gets Fruit Ninjafied

The developers at HalfBrick Studios, the Australian team behind Fruit Ninja, have been working on expanding their brand presence to give that “everywhere” feeling you see with Rovio Mobile’s Angry Birds. In fact Half Brick licensed Fruit Ninja t-shirts can even be found in Hot Topic stores across the country, right next to the Angry

AT&T Gives More Love To Android By Partnering With Open Feint

AT&T and Open Feint have announced a new partnership today that will bring Open Feint’s gigantic cross platform social gaming experience to AT&T Android handsets.  Shortly, AT&T Android users will start to see an Open Feint channel in the AT&T Android Market. This unique partnership with Open Feint will bring thousands of good quality games