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Samsung Galaxy A50 keeps lagging. Here’s the fix.

When a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy A50 keeps lagging without apparent reason or cause, you can always expect it to be an issue with the firmware. Such is the case with some of the owners of the device. According to some, their units just started to become sluggish and slow in executing usual processes,

How to fix Samsung Galaxy A30 that keeps freezing

Being one of the best mid-range devices today, the Samsung Galaxy A30 has some impressive hardware specs for its category. It runs on the latest Android version with Samsung’s new user interface. Needless to say, it should work without a hitch but it seems like that’s not the case with some users as they reported

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Freezes, Lags

The #Samsung Galaxy #Note4 has one of the best hardware specifications available for a smartphone in the market today. Its Snapdragon 805 processor combined with 3GB of RAM ensures that apps run smoothly. There are however instances when this isn’t the case. Some of our readers are complaining that their phone is running slow, lags,