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Google, Apple Face EU Scrutiny Over “Free Apps”

There are currently hundreds of thousands of mobile apps available in the market today for Android and iOS devices. While some of them require payment, others are free to download. But are free apps really free? This is what European regulators are trying to look at as complaints are increasing regarding mobile games that are

Android Apps As Low As 10 Cents

Android Central, Phonearena and a twitter user have found that some popular Android paid titles have been dropped to the low low price of just 10 cents. While third party app stores like Amazon and Getjar offer a paid Android app for free each day, this is the first time that the official Android Market

Getjar’s Free Paid Apps For Week Of December 5th

There are some great ways to get paid premium Android apps for free without having to rely on torrents and pirate sites. Amazon and Getjar both offer alternative Android app stores and both offer free apps each day that would otherwise cost money. Our good friends at Getjar usually give us the list of free

GetJar’s Free Paid For Apps For This Week

Getjar was a little late getting us this week’s list of free premium apps for Android this week but here is this week’s list. Of course Monday has already past and Tuesday is almost over but the great thing about the GetJar Gold premium games for free is that they keep them that way for

Get Jar’s Free Apps For The Week Of November 7th

A couple months back Getjar started offering  a free paid app a day. This model was working great for Amazon so the world’s largest independent app store decided to start a similar program. Get Jar is taking some of the best premium (paid for) Android apps and giving them away free on a daily deal