Fox Joins Amazon For Tablet Launch

The highly anticipated Android based tablets from Amazon are expected to be revealed at a press event on Wednesday in New York City and our Senior Editor will be there bringing us the play by play. Meanwhile, Amazon is wasting no time making sure that their expected tablets have the best possible programming lined up.

Mike Jones: What was That You Were Saying About Myspace?

One thing I leaned from my radio days in the 90’s is when corporate suits sit you down in a group and tell you that your jobs are safe is the day when you need to start shopping tapes and resumes… We’ve been covering the debacle that is now Myspace since the third quarter conference

MySpace Not For Sale, Says CEO Mike Jones

The hotseat shifted or rather moved from San Francisco California to France for the LeWeb conference. The conference started yesterday and concludes today with a whole slew of industry players including Marissa Meyer of Google, Dennis Crowley of Foursqaure and Mike Jones embattled CEO of Myspace. As we reported earlier this fall, NewsCorp (MySpace’s Parent

Comcast Jumps on the NO to Google TV Bandwagon

It’s disheartening that every time I turn around there is another company that has decided not to play nice with Google TV. Since it’s release last month Google TV has lost, not gained, more and more content. The latest provider to announce they aren’t supporting Google TV is Comcast and their Xfinity Everywhere Play.¬† Comcast

Fox Dumps Google TV That Leaves us With, What the CW?

Top TV Blog site GTV is reporting that Fox has joined CBS, ABC and NBC in blocking internet content from Google TV devices. You may remember in October 2010 we attended the exciting launch of Google TV, in the video demonstration we have at the bottom of this piece, they show how seamlessly it is