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5 Best Travel Guide Apps for Your Android Phone

The day your long-awaited vacation starts is finally here, but you still haven’t had time to properly plan your trip? Our list of top 5 best travel guide apps for your Android phone is here to help. Apps on this list use real reviews to separate places that are worth your visit from those that

Find Fast Food near Me with These Android Apps

When hunger strikes and your bank account is running low, fast food restaurants are often the most convenient way how to get the calories your body is craving. But let’s be honest: some fast food places stink—often quite literary. Unless you’re happy with going to the same franchise or two over and over again, you

Foursquare Update

All new Foursquare now available from the Google Play Store

Not too long ago, Foursquare introduced a breakaway app called Swarm which would deal with the user check-ins and the social aspect of the app. Foursquare itself was said to be going through a makeover, both in terms of functionality and visuals. Well, that has finally materialized today with the all new Foursquare hitting major

Foursquare Logo

Foursquare app for Android gets a new logo and design

Social app Foursquare is going through another makeover with the developers teasing an all new logo as well as a refreshed user interface. The developers claim that the new update will increase accuracy of suggestions based on your past check-ins and provide specifically tailored results to increase efficiency. For now, only an iOS version of

Foursquare Splits Itself Into Two Standalone Apps

One of the first location sharing apps to be available on mobile devices is splitting itself into two. We will soon be seeing the messaging app called Swarm which comes with a check-in feature as well as a revamped Foursquare app that will now help users find places. Why is the company splitting the app?

FourSquare brings a native tablet app to Android but not iOS

Foursquare has broken the trend and instead of releasing an iPad app went straight to releasing a native tablet app for Android devices. The new update features a new map browsing experience for tablets and larger screened phones, also there are improvements to the Explore feature. This is nice for the Android users of the

Foursquare Updates Its Privacy Policy To Display Full Names

Popular mobile check-in service recently sent out an email to all of its subscribers detailing their plans for 2013. One of these plans is the changes to be done in its privacy policy which is expected to take effect this coming January 28. The company will now display a user’s full name instead of the

Apple Could Be Looking to Integrate FourSquare With Apple Maps

The Apple iPhone 5 and the iOS 6 operating system have garnered heaps of praises from loyalists and some critics. However, if there is one aspect where iOS 6 falls behind substantially in comparison to its competition, is in the case of Maps. Apple’s brave and bold decision to ditch Google Maps in favor of

Foursquare Introduces “Connected Apps”

The massively successful location sharing service, Foursquare has announced probably the biggest update since its inception: Connected Apps. Until now, developers had been using Foursquare’s API for building feature rich apps. But those were standalone apps, and could not interact with the main Foursquare app. This new update means to change that. Now developers can

Plaintiff’s In Mobile App Privacy Suits Seeking Class Action

Earlier this year when Path came under fire for uploading the entire contents of users mobile address books (contacts) to their private servers, it launched a myriad of individual lawsuits. This week we’re hearing that 13 of those plaintiffs are seeking to build a class against a group of well known apps. The new class

Foursquare Finally Receives Update With Refresh Button

I use Foursquare all the time, and one thing I could never understand was the fact that there wasn’t a refresh button in the check-in screen. Every time I open the app and search for a venue everything works fine, but as soon as I move to a new location I have to completely back