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Fossil Q Wander

Fossil Q Marshal and Q Wander go on pre-order Aug 12, available Aug 29

#Fossil has announced the pre-order dates for two new Android Wear smartwatches, the Q Wander and the Q Marshal. The two wearables will be available for purchase starting August 29, while pre-orders will begin on August 12. The company hasn’t offered precise pricing details, but has mentioned that the models will start from $295, so

Best early 2016 Android smartwatches money can buy

The signs were there for a pretty long time, but it wasn’t until the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show kicked off in Las Vegas a few weeks back that we realized how wearables had graduated from experimental companion devices to mainstream-oriented tech headliners. Quick, can you name a tablet introduced at CES that stuck with you

Fossil Q Founder

Fossil Q Founder smartwatch now available for $295

The #Fossil #QFounder smartwatch is finally available for purchase, at least according to the company’s official web page. The smartwatch is listed with a price tag of $295, while it was originally said to be priced at $275. However, the model here is sporting a steel watch band, so it is likely that the company

Misfit - Fossil

Fossil acquires Misfit Wearables for $260 million

With #Fossil recently releasing the #QFounder #AndroidWear wearable for $275, it was quite clear that the company was aspirational about the wearable industry on the whole. Well, the company has now announced the acquisition of popular fitness and wearables manufacturer #Misfit for an estimated $260 million. The company was founded back in 2011 by Sunny

Fossil Q Founder

Fossil releases Q Founder Android Wear smartwatch for $275

When #Google originally announced plans to release #AndroidWear smartwatches, #Fossil was said to be one of the partners. Well, over a year since Android Wear became mainstream, Fossil didn’t release any hardware. But that changes today with the introduction of the Q Founder smartwatch which runs Android Wear out of the box. Fossil has released

Fossil Android Wear

Fossil shows off its first Intel powered Android Wear smartwatch

#Fossil expressed interest in an #AndroidWear smartwatch right after #Google made the platform official in mid-2014. However, the company hasn’t released a smartwatch yet, but that could be changing very quickly. The company has now officially shown off its smartwatch which is packing a very familiar design and an Intel made silicon underneath. The Fossil

World’s Smallest Android? Introduced by WIMM

It’s a watch, it’s a computer, it’s a mini-tablet? Whatever you want to call it WIMM labs has introduced a 1 inch wearable Android device.  You can wear the device around your arm like a wrist watch, or add it to your key ring. You can put it anywhere you want a small Android companion.