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Razer Forge TV

Razer mentions it has not given up on its Android TV and Forge devices

#Razer is a renowned gaming devices manufacturer and is known more prominently in the Android community since the release of the #ForgeTV console last year. This #AndroidTV console is currently not available on the #GoogleStore, which gave rise to suspicion that the device might have reached end of life status. However, Razer has now mentioned that

Razer Forge TV

You can now pre-order the Forge TV bundle directly from Razer

Razer’s Forge TV console can now be yours for just $99.99. The console is up for pre-order from Razer’s official site, while the Serval controller bundle will set you back by an additional $49.99. You can get both options along with free shipping from Razer, with units expected to start shipping by April 28, so you

Razer Forge TV

Android TV based Razer Forge TV bundle up for pre-order at $150

Razer announced its intentions to launch an Android TV console back last year. The Forge TV, as this is known, is yet to hit the markets though. But that’s likely to change if an Amazon listing is any indication. The renowned gaming accessories maker is reportedly taking pre-orders of the Forge TV console along with