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Toshiba Returns To Black Thanks To Smartphones

Wait! The first thing you’re going to say after reading a tweet or the headline is that Toshiba doesn’t make any US smartphones, and they don’t currenty. However Toshiba has finally returned to the black after their wholesale chip business skyrocketed. Just how much of a sky rocket? Same time last year Toshiba reported a

Toshiba Targets Apple With Android Tablet Teaser Site

Fresh off one of the most epic fails in Android tablet history, the Toshiba Folio, Tohsiba is coming out guns a blazing with their new 10″ tablet.  We saw a production sample of the tablet at CES earlier this month which was running Froyo, although the Toshiba rep insisted it would release with Honeycomb. It

Toshiba Shows Off The Follow Up To Failio At CES

The Toshiba rep we spent sometime with yesterday at “Digital Experience” didn’t want us to reference the Toshiba F0lio, Toshiba’s failed attempt at an iPad killing 10″ tablet, taken off the market after a month. When we asked if it was the Folio 2 or Follow up, the Toshiba rep said “No it’s a totally