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HTC Nexus 8 - Flounder

HTC Nexus 8 a.k.a Flounder gets certified in South Korea

A leak from earlier today gave us a brief idea about the hardware on board the upcoming HTC Nexus 8 tablet. And now, a Korean certification database has certified a device codenamed ‘Flounder‘, which as we all know is an early name given to the Nexus 8 in addition to ‘Volantis‘. The mention of Flounder pretty

HTC Nexus 9 Photo, Specs, Pricing Leaks Out

We’ve already hear reports that Android Silver will be replacing the Nexus line of Google however that hasn’t stopped HTC from developing a new Nexus based tablet which will soon be released in the market. The tablet is codenamed Volantis (or Flounder) and is an 8.9-inch Nexus tablet which will probably be called the HTC

Possible codename of the Nexus 8 revealed

Google usually has an internal codename for its devices. The Nexus 7 was known as ‘flo’ while the Nexus 10 was called ‘manta’ in internal codes. And now a new codename has surfaced, possibly indicating the imminent arrival of the Nexus 8 tablet. The codename ‘flounder’ is the newest addition to the list and is clearly a