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FCC Approves AT&T’s Purchase Of Qualcomm’s Flo TV Spectrum

Before AT&T announced their intention of trying to buy T-Mobile last spring, it was announced that AT&T was going to be Qualcomm’s surplus spectrum from their failed FloTV venture. FloTV was a portable streaming TV service that allowed users to stream content directly to their device without the need for wifi. The FloTV hardware and

Sprint Asks FCC To Consolidate ATT/T-Mobile Deal With ATT/Flo TV Deal

After a closed door meeting between Sprint and FCC Chairman Michael Copps, Sprint has filed their formal opposition to the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger.  Back in March when AT&T announced their intention to purchase T-Mobile for $39 Billion dollars, it seemed like it would be easy, however that’s not how it’s playing out. AT&T and T-Mobile

AT&T Agrees to Buy Flo TV Spectrum From Qualcomm for $1.93 Billion

AT&T the nation’s second largest wireless provider, today announced they are buying the FLO TV spectrum from Qualcomm for $1.93 Billion.  Qualcomm secured the spectrum in various FCC auctions from 2003-2008 for a reported $683 million. The spectrum that Qualcomm is selling to AT&T is very high quality spectrum in the 700mhz frequencies. Because of