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Florian Mueller Is A Fraud?

The interwebs went wild on Friday when it was revealed that trusted patent blogger Florian Mueller is actually being paid by Oracle and may be in line for a top paying job with the company that’s embattled in a bitter patent suit with Google.

Over the past couple of years, the self proclaimed patent expert has been quoted on every site in the tech blogsphere from Engadget to Yahoo, and even the likes of The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and CNET. It was assumed with his patent rhetoric and court documents all over his site that he knew what he was talking about. No one took into consideration the fact that until just a couple of months ago his site was hosted by and not even his own domain name.

Mueller has received a lot of criticism for his anti-Google position, however it’s now surfaced that he has actually been paid by Oracle which explains his anti-Google position.

Mueller has recently posted an “ethics” statement of sorts on his blog which it seems that he feels relieves him from any potential backlash:

That said, as a believer in transparency I would like to inform you that Oracle has very recently become a consulting client of mine. We intend to work together for the long haul on mostly competition-related topics including, for one example, FRAND licensing terms.

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Oracle: Android Generates $10 Million In New Mobile Ad Revenue Per Day For Google

In case you were wondering the patent suit between Google and Oracle is still not over. Like Apple vs Samsung, Google and Oracle are fighting this patent thing out around the world. Even after the recent departure of President Charles Phillips Oracle is still fighting to remain one of the top companies, and is showing it in its fight with Google.

In a German court Wednesday, Oracle told the court that Google’s 700,000 Android activations per day accounts for approximately 10 million in new mobile ad revenue for the search engine giant, per day of new activations.

In it’s statement to the German court Oracle said:
While this case awaits trial, more than 700,000 Android-based devices are activated every day, all fundamentally built around the copyrighted Java APIs and the enhanced performance enabled by Oracle’s patents. Each day’s worth of activations likely generates approximately $10 million in annual mobile advertising revenue for Google.

How Oracle arrived at that number was not revealed however Florian Mueller of Foss Patents suggests that the figure is based on the $14 of advertising revenue per Android user released by Google some months back.

Oracle went on to say in it’s filing:

This revenue does not even include all the other value Android generates for Google, ranging from Android Market revenue, to other Android-related services, to ensuring that Google will not be locked out of the mobile business, to lucrative relationships with manufacturers of myriad devices on which Android can and does run, to the inordinately valuable access Android provides to customers for its new social network service, Google+.

Android is an open source and free operating system. Google gets revenue only from advertising and a small fee charged to developers to start an Android developer account in the Android market. In addition to search ads, Google also owns admob which is the largest mobile advertising platform in the world.

(EDITORIAL NOTE: While Mueller claims to be an expert on patents and is quoted quite often by us and other sites, over the course of the past year or so he has been correct in reporting only 50% of the time)

source: Foss via 9to5Google

Apple’s Android Bomb Shell? Maybe Not?

Andy Rubin, VP Mobile Platforms, File Photo: LLC

One of the most trusted websites when it comes to researching patent issues going on in the world of technology today is Florian Mueller’s Foss Patents blog.  Mueller has over 25 years experience in the technology and patent world and consults many companies on the issues of intellectual property. He also keeps the world up to date on the latest in patent wars.

Well Mueller released, what could end up being a bomb shell on Foss Patents yesterday.

On background it’s important that we realize that Apple is suing HTC, Motorola and others on patents stemming from those companies’ Android phones.  They have not yet sued Google over patents.  For the most part this is because a lot of their patent disputes have to deal with things like form factor, hardware features etc.

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Samsung EU Injunction Lifted Except In Germamy


Good news for Samsung Mobile, as their EU wide injunction has been temporarily lifted until the German patent court that originally granted Apple the injunction, rules on Samsung’s appeal. In the meantime Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1s can be sold across the European Union except in Germany. Also, the Netherlands was exempt from the original injunction.

New evidence was discovered yesterday that suggests Apple may have fabricated some of the evidence presented before the Dusseldorf judge who made the original ruling in favor of Apple.  The German court denies that this evidence has anything to do with the temporary suspension of the injunction.

Pocket-Lint reports that patent expert Florian Mueller spoke with the German court that made the ruling.  Mueller said: “I believe Samsung has a pretty good chance that this temporary partial suspension will result in a partial reversal of the preliminary injunction decision at next week’s hearing,”

If you’re in Europe and you’ve been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 now is your chance to go pick one up.