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Samsung Flip Phone - W2017

Samsung’s latest Android flip-phone now official

As rumors had predicted, #Samsung has just released yet another flip-phone based on #Android, known as the #W2017. However, the phone has only been unveiled for the Chinese markets, with no word on whether or when it will be sold elsewhere. But going by history, we don’t see this device making its way out of

Galaxy Folder

Leaked images show off Samsung’s latest Android flip-phone

Samsung’s ambitions in the Android-based flip-phone market doesn’t seem to have diminished even with the failure of phones like the Galaxy Golden. A new leak is now giving us a very good glimpse of the company’s upcoming Android flip-phone named the Galaxy Folder. Going by the speculated hardware specs, the device might go easy on the

Samsung Galaxy Golden is clamshell phone’s new name

The Samsung Galaxy Golden will allegedly be the name of Samsung’s upcoming clamshell or flip phone. Such handset, which was earlier rumored to be called the Samsung Galaxy Folder, appeared in two recent reports from Samsung’s home country of South Korea. The reports include some leaked photos of the actual smartphone as well as images

Samsung Hennessy details, photo leak

Several Samsung Hennessy details as well as its first press render are now available online. Published by Blog of Mobile, the list sheds some light on the upcoming Android-based clamshell smartphone. Samsung Hennessy or Samsung Galaxy Folder specifications The smartphone is currently codenamed Hennessy, and bears the model number SCH-W789. This contradicts an earlier leak

Samsung Releases Android-Powered Quad-Core Flip Phone

Remember a while back when Samsung announced a quad-core flip phone? Turns out they went ahead with their plans and released the flip phone earlier today. Samsung had Jackie Chan at the event showing off the phone as well. It turns out that this phone might be a bit too expensive for the average consumer.

Samsung SCH-W2013 flip phone revealed, price starts at $2900

South Korean manufacturer, Samsung, recently revealed the new Samsung SCH-W2013 flip phone that comes with a really expensive price tag of $3000. While the company didn’t provide information as to when this device would start selling, it is expected that Chinese flip phone fans are the first ones to own it. Being sold at an

Samsung Creating A Quad-Core Flip Phone For The Chinese Market

Despite flip phone making their leave in the market, Samsung has decided to “innovate” in the flip phone market. Between the Korean tech giant’s new Nexus 10 tablet, their upcoming Galaxy Note II and the record-shattering smartphone sales, Samsung has found a way to stay ahead of every other Android OEM out there. A lot of other