Samsung looking to ramp up production of its flexible displays

A new report from China, Samsung Display is looking to substantially increase production of its flexible display panels for use in future smartphones. Last year we saw the Galaxy Round which was the world’s first smartphone with a curved AMOLED display, but sadly its launch was limited to just South Korea. By increasing production volume of its

LG G Flex self-healing rear case

LG G Flex self-healing properties shown off in video

The LG G Flex self-healing properties got many of consumers curious when it was announced. Today, the South Korean manufacturer showed off the incredible capability in a video which it uploaded on YouTube. The video shows the rear case of the LG G Flex being scratched by a machine. The G Flex is displayed alongside

Flexible Display

Samsung shows off concepts of flexible display smartphones

Samsung has been teasing users with flexible display designs for quite some time now. But the company officially marked its arrival in the industry with the Galaxy Round smartphone which was an experimental device seeing a limited Korean release. The company has now teased us with few more concepts of flexible display smartphones, showing us

LG G Flex 1

LG G Flex leaks in a series of pictures

The Samsung Galaxy Round impressed us all with its design, although it turned out to be an experimental project. Since then, talks of LG’s upcoming curved display smartphone known as the G Flex has increased in frequency. The smartphone is set to break cover next month and we’ve already had plenty of leaks showing off the

Flexible Display

LG announces world’s largest flexible mobile OLED panel

LG has just unveiled the largest OLED panel meant for smartphones, which also happens to be flexible. This 6 inch panel was unveiled shortly before Samsung unveiled its new 5.7 inch flexible OLED panel, but despite that, LG holds the record for producing the largest flexible mobile OLED panel. This could well make its way

Samsung’s Flexible Phone Might not be Galaxy Note 3

Despite previous reports, the upcoming flexible phone from Samsung may not be a variant of the Galaxy Note 3 after all. According to Money Today, a Korean outlet, the flexible device we’ll soon be able to get our hands on will in fact be more similar to the Youm prototypes Samsung showcased earlier this year.

LG Flexible Display

LG’s flexible display smartphone delayed until November

Earlier yesterday, we heard of the LG Z smartphone which was touted as the company’s first flexible display smartphone. And now we’re hearing a slightly different name for the smartphone, known as the LG G Flex. We’re not really certain if this is the final working name for the smartphone, but it appears to be

LG Flexible Display

LG’s flexible display phone will be known as the LG Z

We spoke of LG’s plans to launch a flexible display smartphone a couple of days ago, and now we’re getting more information on this smartphone. The company’s first curved display smartphone will allegedly be known as the LG Z, with launch expected to commence later this month as previously rumored. This smartphone will reportedly come

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Flexible Display

Samsung could unveil flexible display smartphone in October

With so much talk about Samsung‘s flexible displays earlier this year, it has now come to light that the first smartphone with the said display might go public as soon as next month in South Korea. The information comes directly from Samsung as the head of strategic marketing for its mobile division, Mr. D.J. Lee

Which manufacturer will release the first flexible display smartphone?

First flexible display smartphone: LG vs. Samsung

LG and Samsung are in a race to create the first flexible display smartphone, says a new report from South Korea. The same report suggests that such devices could be the LG Vu 3 as well as a variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The LG Vu 3 is an upcoming device that is