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Fleksy Android

Fleksy Keyboard now completely free on Android

The Fleksy Keyboard can now be snatched for free via the Google Play Store as well as the Amazon Appstore, following the developers’ focus to increase the marketshare of its keyboard. Much like Swiftkey, the developers will now be reliant on in-app purchases of themes and other content to make revenue, which isn’t a bad ploy.


Fleksy keyboard for Android brings GIF support

The Fleksy keyboard for Android has just received support for sending GIF messages, making it the first keyboard app to do so. This is possible thanks to what the team calls Extensions which floats over the keyboard. Users can edit and add extensions as necessary, with the ability to add an app launcher as one of

Fleksy Beta

Fleksy Keyboard gets support for 15 new languages in Beta

Among the more popular keyboards available on Android, Fleksy, has just issued an update to its beta channel, bringing support for 15 new languages. The developers behind this nifty keyboard have been working in double time to improve what is already a quite impressive third party keyboard. The Fleksy team was recently in the news