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New Lenovo X910 Spotted on AnTuTu

  Although Lenovo is best known for it’s work with laptops and PCs, they are trying hard to break into the mobile world. The new Lenovo X910 may be the first ‘flagship’ to hit wider markets such as the US and Europe, and we’ve seen a little hint of what the smartphone is capable of

HTC One unveiled

HTC M7 has been in the rumors for a long time now and HTC has finally announced the device. Most of the rumors and leaks were true, but the device is announced as HTC One. HTC has gone through a hard time last year, and it hopes that the One will help the company achieve

Samsung to retain physical home button on the Galaxy S IV

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S IV is one of the most anticipated flagship smartphones in 2013. We have a lot of upcoming Android smartphones, but Galaxy S IV is getting most of the attention due to the enormous success achieved by the predecessor, Galaxy S3. There’s of course no official word on the device, but thanks

Verizon’s HTC M7 will be delayed

The upcoming HTC M7 is HTC’s flagship model for this year. The device isn’t launched yet, but has already been creating a lot of buzz for several months now. We’re having a lot of new devices in the smartphone market with some jaw dropping specs. HTC M7 being a flagship device has to face the

Meizu MX2 Hits Russia, China, and Hong Kong Markets

The Meizu MX2, one of the new flagship phone releases from China, has hit the market in China, Hong Kong, and Russia. In China, the phone retails for RMB 2,499, or roughly US $400 for the 16GB version, and RMB 2,999 or $480 for the 32GB version. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, it is selling for

ZTE To Unveil Nubia Z5 On December 26

If you’re as excited as ZTE is to take the wraps off their newest flagship device, then you’d mark December 26 as an important date. That’s when the China-based electronics company is officially unveiling the Nubia Z5. ZTE even created a website dedicated to their newest smartphone. On the website, the company has provided a

ZTE To Launch Nubia Z5 On December 21

It is a busy month for Chinese smartphone makers as they announce and release one handset after another. Lately, we have been seeing the Oppo Find 5, Vivo X1 and UMI X2 make tech headlines. Now comes another handset from ZTE that has been grabbing some attention for its specifications. The smartphone is the Nubia

Sony Overtakes HTC For Second Place In The UK Android Market

  I wouldn’t really consider this a surprise based off of HTC’s earning this last quarter, but latest figures that were released show that Xperia manufacturers have been outselling HTC this past summer in the United Kingdom. HTC moved 444,000 Android phones as opposed to Sony’s 500,000. However, both companies (Sony and HTC) have lost

HTC One X+ up for pre-order in UK

The smartphone scene is currently dominated by Samsung with its numerous Android phones and Apple with its iPhone. There are several other manufacturers who make great smartphones, and one such company is HTC. HTC set a benchmark in quality department with its flagship device, the HTC One X. The device has great hardware specs which