The Samsung Galaxy A20 may encounter some performance issues every now and then.

How to fix common Samsung Galaxy A20 performance issues

Performance issues are the first ones to manifest no matter the brand and model of your phone. They will occur to phones from the entry-level category to flagships. And it seems like some owners of the Samsung Galaxy A20 are among the unlucky ones to have encountered such issues. We have readers who reported that

How to fix Samsung Galaxy A20 that keeps freezing and lagging

When a smartphone like Samsung Galaxy A20 with really good hardware specs keeps freezing and lagging, you can almost expect it to be a software issue. Such issues may be caused by apps or a problem with the firmware itself. However, if your phone has recently suffered a drop or got submerged in water for

How to fix Samsung Galaxy A20 that’s running slow

Packed with latest hardware technologies and running on Android 9 with Samsung’s One UI, the Samsung Galaxy A20 is actually a great phone in its category. It may not be as fast as the flagship devices but it should still run smoothly without any issues especially if you got it brand new from your provider.

What to do if Samsung Galaxy A20 died and won’t turn back on

There were owners of the Samsung Galaxy A20 who reported to us about a problem involving some using that reportedly died and won’t turn back on. In other words, those units powered down by themselves and when users pressed and held the power key to turn them back on, they would neither respond nor power

Samsung Galaxy A20 MMS won’t send. Here’s the fix.

We have received quite a lot of complaints from our readers that own the Samsung Galaxy A20 saying that MMS won’t send on their phones. While a picture message is basically a text message with attachment, it needs to be transmitted via mobile data due to the size of the file. Needless to say, your

Facebook keeps stopping on Samsung Galaxy A20. Here’s the fix.

The error ‘Facebook keeps stopping’ that seems to be bothering some owners of the Samsung Galaxy A20 basically means the app has crashed or keeps crashing. Facebook comes as a pre-installed application with this device, so it’s embedded in the firmware. While most of the time this problem is just an issue with the app,