Firefox 8.0 Comes Out Of Beta With Master Password

Mozilla, has promised quicker releases and updates to it’s Firefox Browser, and for the most part they’ve kept that promise, bringing Firefox 8 for Android out of Beta today. With the Firefox 8 upgrade doesn’t bring any huge changes except for Master Password. With this new feature you can manage all of your stored passwords

Mozilla Unveils Firefox For Android Honeycomb Tablets

Mozilla announced Firefox for Honeycomb devices today via a blog post on their official blog, although they didn’t say when it’s coming out. Mozilla is using the real estate available on a full fledged tablet to give the user a lot of features they are used to in the web based version of the Firefox

Google Kills The FireFox Tool Bar

New Google CEO, and Co-Founder, Larry page has been busy eliminating projects at Google that don’t fit with their current strategy. Ever since he took over in April he’s wanted to make sure that things at Google are streamlined. In fact he told the press members and analysts on Google’s second quarter earnings call that