Amazon Fire Phone

[Deal] AT&T unlocked Amazon Fire Phone for $109.99

The #Amazon #FirePhone is usually found on Amazon’s shelves, but a new deal is now offering the smartphone through eBay. This forgotten device can be bought for just $109.99 courtesy of the retailer. As you may know, the Fire Phone isn’t available for purchase anymore, so any deal you find on the smartphone is worth

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon Fire Phone permanently discontinued

It’s no secret at this point that the #Amazon #FirePhone was a complete failure for the company. The online retailer was giving away the phone for next to nothing in order to clear out the inventory. Only recently we saw the handset selling for as little as $125, including $100 worth of Prime subscription. Well, it

Amazon Fire Phone

[Deal] Amazon Fire Phone pops up on eBay for $125

We recently saw the #Amazon #FirePhone being discounted to $130 via Amazon as part of a inventory cleanup sale. Well, the smartphone is listed as “currently available” on Amazon, so you can no longer get the device from the retailer. However, a seller on eBay has you covered with the handset being offered for just

Amazon Fire Phone

Deal: Amazon Fire Phone selling for $189 unlocked

The Fire Phone is now selling at an attractive price of $189 unlocked and off contract over at Amazon. The smartphone received a significant price reduction a couple of months ago bringing the cost down to $199.99, so this deal makes it even more appealing for prospective buyers. As usual, purchasing the Fire Phone also gives

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon updating the Fire Phone with some minor features

Amazon is sending out a new update for the Fire Phone with some decent additions in tow. The device is receiving some UI improvements and a new call blocking feature. For those keeping note, the software version of Fire OS changes to 3.6.8 with the new update. Interestingly, the update is only rolling out to the

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon to bring more Fire Phones in the future

It’s no secret that the Amazon Fire Phone is a massive failure for the company. So much so, that the company had to slash the off contract pricing by $450 to move units of the device. But despite the failure of the smartphone, the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is still hopeful for a future in the

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon Fire Phone now available for $200 off contract [Deal]

The Amazon Fire Phone has failed to meet the company’s expectations. And to make amends for the losses, the company has decided to offer the smartphone for a throwaway price of $199.99 off contract. The retailer initially started offering the smartphone for under $1 on contract a couple of months ago, but this new price

Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video now open to all Android devices

Amazon’s Instant Video service was shown off with the Fire Phone when it was launched a few months ago. The service was exclusive to Amazon and its range of Kindle devices, which meant that other Android users weren’t able to access it. However, that has changed today with the online retailer making the service available

Amazon Fire Phone now selling for just $0.99 on contract

The Amazon Fire Phone isn’t exactly a blockbuster hit in the market, although the company would like you to think otherwise. And now, to make the smartphone even more attractive to prospective buyers, the online retailer has decided to slash the pricing to just $0.99 with a two year contract agreement (previously $199.99). The off contract

Amazon Fire Phone not exactly off to a great start according to new data

When Amazon unveiled the Fire Phone through AT&T, it was always expected to be a dud, considering that it’s an Android device with no support for Google Play services. However, with features like Firefly and the motion tracking cameras, Amazon expected to do some noise in the market. But according to data gathered by Chitika and ComScore,

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon officially announces the Fire Phone with emphasis on 3D features

Amazon’s long rumored 3D smartphone, the Fire Phone has gone official in Seattle not too long ago. The CEO of the company, Jeff Bezos himself was available during the event to announce the new handset. As expected, the smartphone is heavily emphasized towards 3D features making it unique among the current crop of smartphones. The Fire