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OnePlus 2 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 – specs comparison

After making the world wait a little longer than initially anticipated, Android’s 2014 breakout star finally entered the second chapter of its rapid and captivating evolution. Now that OnePlus isn’t exactly an underdog anymore, a wild card or question mark, the expectations are set much higher, which is why some folks believe the 2 is

Motorola Moto X 2015 preview and rumor roundup

It’s high time Motorola stepped up its game and stopped catering merely to cash-strapped audiences or power users on Verizon. That’s not only our view, and everyone else’s in love with the company’s unique designs, dedication to customization or stock, clean as a whistle Android. Lenovo’s big cats, including CEO Yang Yuanqing himself, have recently

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus – Specs comparison

Again with the new iPhone(s)? Isn’t The Droid Guy supposed to be an Android-centric website? Leave droid fans alone. Be honest, you were thinking or wondering one of these things before you even finished reading our headline. And we completely understand your frustration. For the past two weeks or so, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Galaxy Tab S Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung Galaxy Tab S could feature a fingerprint scanner

It’s customary for Samsung to utilize some of its popular hardware features with future devices. And it seems like that tradition will continue with the Galaxy Tab S as well, as reports are suggesting that the tablet will pack a fingerprint scanner and the Ultra Power Saving Mode feature from the Galaxy S5. A couple of screenshots

LG G3 preview and rumor roundup

Danger comes from where you least expect it, or so it seems to be the case for today’s mobile world tycoons. Samsung’s domination over the Android landscape is possibly not as threatened as we anticipated by the likes of Sony or HTC as it is by up-and-coming Oppo and OnePlus. Yet one historical Sammy rival

Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner

Verizon blocks PayPal fingerprint authentication on the Galaxy S5

Buyers who received their Verizon Wireless branded Galaxy S5 today will be a bit taken surprised to know that their device doesn’t support fingerprint authentication with PayPal. This is a feature which Samsung heavily endorsed during the launch of the smartphone back in late February and it’s clearly not going down well with the carrier.

HTC One (M8) vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Specs Comparison

It’s weird, we expected both HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4’s sequels to knock our socks off, enthrall and amaze with major upgrades like Quad HD display resolutions, bonkers 4 GB RAM modules, OIS cameras and significantly boosted Snapdragon 805 processors, but at the end of the day the One (M8) and Galaxy S5… just

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LG G3 and G Pro 2 to feature fingerprint scanners?

The LG G3 and the G Pro 2 phablet aren’t far away from launch with the latter rumored to break cover in February and the G3 on May 17. A new report now claims that these two flagship handsets from LG could feature fingerprint scanners on the back. The report claims that both handsets will