Lenovo's smartphones and tablet sales

Lenovo’s smartphone and tablets sales surpass PC sales

Lenovo has released its financial results for the first fiscal quarter. Such results show that the China-based company is now the world’s largest PC maker. What is surprising, however, is that Lenovo’s smartphone and tablets sales surpass its PC sales. As Android Beat clarifies, this means that the company is selling more units of smartphones

Top 4 Reasons Why Samsung Is The Undisputed Mobile Heavyweight Champion

They’re everywhere, they sell like hotcakes from China to Africa and from Paris to New York, they’ve become almost easier to recognize than Apple’s iPhones and they’re cool in the eyes of teenagers, grown men and women and elders alike. I’m talking about Samsung smartphones, nay Samsung phones in general. The members of the “Galaxy”

HTC Begins To Rebound In February

HTC (formerly High Tech Computer Corporation) has been around since 1997. When they first came into existence they were a contract manufacturer producing phones and devices for larger companies and other the other company’s name. For instance, their first devices were Compaq Ipaq’s back in the early part of the 2000s. HTC skyrocketed into a