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Landfall Expansion Now Available on WOW; FIFA Ultimate Team Apps on FIFA 13

Video game giant Blizzard announced the Landfall Patch, the latest expansion to its MMO series, is now available for Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.

Landfall, also known as patch 5.1, will further expand the world of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, adding more story quests into the current series.

Landfall introduces additional daily quests into the Krasarang Wilds zone that revolves around the war between Alliance forces and the Hordes. Moreover, it provides new reputation tracks that allow gamers to try WOW’s open world PvP play.

Blizzard also expanded the game’s pet battle system by allowing gamers to capture pets, train them, and do battle with other monster on the field or Pokemon-like arena.

The game developer has presented five Scenario systems, which are built for three players and does not ask gamers to assume roles like damage dealer, tank, and healer. Four of the five scenario systems are split between Alliance and Horde.

There are other changes and additions introduced in the Landfall patch, including item level upgrades, legendary quest, new classes, and of course bugs fixes.

Meanwhile, the FIFA Ultimate Team application is now available on FIFA 13. Considered as one of the most-entertaining game modes in FIFA 13, the FIFA Ultimate Team enables gamers to take control of the finest football players in the world and battle with other online opponents with stunning graphics and enhanced gameplay.

The FIFA Ultimate Team application is available for free on the App Store, serving as an expansion to players who already downloaded FIFA 13 on iOS.

The FIFA Ultimate Team allows games to build, manage, and compete with their soccer fantasy squads on their way to achieving the best FIFA team rating.

Developer Electronic Arts is conducting weekly single-player tournaments and Team of the Week challenges for the FIFA Ultimate Team application, offering coins to the winners. Players can use their coins to acquire other players and improve their team ratings.