10 Questions With Givatron / Benevity’s Bryan de Lottinville

For this installment of 10 Questions with we talk to Bryan de Lottinville CEO of Benevity which brings us the Givatron app for Android that we just reported on. We chose Bryan because we’re in the Christmas spirit. Although in the interview Bryan says he’s “Old” he’s definitely experienced in the online world having been

Gingerbread, Froyo, & Eclair, Oh My!!!!

Over the last year we have seen three new operating systems come out for Android devices. These operating systems are named after desserts, Gingerbread (2.3), Froyo (2.2), and Eclair (2.0). Each OS brought new and improved features to current Android devices and future devices that are in the works. All three operating systems were released

Androidswag Launches New Site and Products for Holidays

Android Swag co-founders Aaron Kasten and Jake Southers have been hard at work since the Big Android Barbecue. If you haven’t noticed they’ve started some other ventures including Streamandroid.tv and other things in the works while still pushing Androidswag.com to be the biggest and baddest place to get, well, Android Swag. As an Android Swag

Why I Switched to Android: Rob N

Where to start, Ok here we go I ordered a G1 when they first came out but was then  laid off so I needed to return it to save some money. Once back on my feet I said I need to leave Blackberry and picked up an iPhone from a friend (FOR FREE) that was jailbroken and

10 Questions With Wilson Electronics

Wilson Electronics is a company out of Utah that’s in the cell phone signal amplification business.  We had a chance to speak with them after Cameron reviewed their Sleek product. We’ve tested several commercially available “signal improvement devices” and found that Wilson Electronics offers some of the best products in that category in the marketplace.