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Samsung Galaxy S5: the good, the bad and the ugly

No one, or rather no sane person with the tiniest shred of common sense, expected Samsung’s Galaxy S5 to revolutionize the mobile landscape as we know it. There simply was no way, unless it packed fingerprint recognition, eye scanning features and the ability to cook dinner from scratch. Ultimately, it came with just one of

Welcome the New Google Maps for Android…

I think everyone agrees that the latest version of Google Maps for Android is an improvement over the previous versions. The interface has been streamlined and new features have been added. Unfortunately, as Google has been prone to do lately, it has also done some house cleaning. The changes to offline maps was discussed in


Facebook Unveils Verified Pages and Profiles

 Facebook has just announced they are introducing verified accounts and pages; they have taken a leaf out of Twitters book. Verification gives high profile accounts an added level of authenticity so that the users know that the account that they are subscribed to is legit. Verified accounts will have a small blue check next to


10 things to love about HTC One – Part 1

1. Screen The latest flagship device from HTC comes with the 4.7-inch Super LCD 3 screen with full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Doing the math, the display has got a pixel density figure of a whopping 468 pixels, which makes it perhaps the best display in the segment. The screen on the HTC One

Samsung Galaxy Note II Camera Review

The Galaxy Note II has surpassed my expectations on the quality of camera that would be offered in the device. It captures images of the highest quality, even in low-light situations. In example, our Christmas tree was recently put up. Just about all of the lights were off, and the tree really wasn’t generating a

New features in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Google was supposed to launch three new nexus products – Nexus 10 tablet, Nexus 4 smartphone and updated Nexus 7 tablet – but the event was canceled, thanks to hurricane Sandy. Though the physical event was canceled, Google went ahead and launched the Nexus products anyways. Apart from the device launches, Google also launched a

First Thoughts: HTC One S Mini Review

This post was originally posted on Nibletz HTC sent us their latest device for T-Mobile (announcement is coming shortly from NYC) the One S. This device is part of “the new HTC” a return to form by the Taiwanese company after a devastating 4Q 2011. After an onslaught of very similar models across the “high-end” of

PayPal Updated, Scan Checks Using Your Camera

If you are like me and many others, PayPal is a life saver and their application for Android is pretty nice. Recently, PayPal has updated their application and added a new feature for us PayPal users. Right now there are many options available within PayPal, buy from almost anywhere, send money, receive money, view balances, and many

Slacker Radio’s HUGE update

This has been a long time coming, way back in September, myself, Kyle (TDG), RussellHolly, Aaron BuckNAH, and Aaron Kasten all went to NYC to a press event.  If I remember correctly there were 75+ vendors showing that day.  In the middle of the show floor was the Slacker booth.  After a lot of walking,