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5 Best And Fastest Android Launchers With Low CPU And RAM Usage

Android is one of the most popular platforms in the world today. This is thanks largely to the kind of versatility that the OS offers in comparison to rival offerings. One of the best part about Android is the ability to customize your device as per your liking. However, when you try to customize the appearance of your Android home screen, the RAM and CPU sometimes can take quite a burden. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to use the best kind of apps and custom launchers so that your overall experience isn’t hindered.

But how do you pick the best custom launcher for your phone or tablet given the sheer number of third-party launchers that are available out there? Well, luckily you don’t have to worry about that as we’ve done the research to come up with the best custom launchers available for Android right now. It’s important to remember that these launchers also consume very low CPU and RAM, so if you are facing lag or issues with your current launcher, now is the time to make the switch. You will notice that some of these launchers mentioned here aren’t all that popular, so be sure to try them all out.

Smart Launcher Pro 3

Smart Launcher Pro 3 comes with a multitude of features on board, appealing to all sorts of audiences. It comes with 9 home screens, allowing deep customization in every screen. There are seven extra drawer animations on board as well, further letting you change the appearance of your home screen. The launcher consumes very less RAM and CPU by default, so you won’t feel your phone giving up on you during regular usage.

The developers mention that this launcher was built from scratch and that it’s not based on the default AOSP launcher. The launcher also lets you password protect apps to keep them away from prying eyes. This app launcher is also compatible with Google/Android TV devices, so it’s not just limited to smartphones and tablets. The app makes use of an arch layout.

No good launchers come for free, and Smart Launcher Pro is no different. You will have to shell out $8.49 to unlock all the features. You can either get the app directly, or download the free version and make an in-app purchase to use the launcher.