And Then There Was Epic: Verizon Rolling Out Froyo To Samsung Fascinate

Verizon Wireless has announced that they will begin rolling out the highly anticipated Android 2.2, Froyo, update to the Samsung Fascinate. In an email to media Verizon reported: Verizon Wireless will begin pushing Android 2.2, Froyo, to the Samsung Fascinate tomorrow. Enhancements include support for Adobe Flash Player. Customers can visit for more information

What If We Yelled Froyo In A Crowded Movie Theater?

According to from very reliable Samsung sources the people at Samsung are sporting the official EA-17 buld of Froyo for the Samsung Epic 4G and it’s ready to go.  If all goes according to plan, which to date it hasn’t, than Sprint Samsung Epic 4G’s will see an over the air Froyo update on

Samsung Responds To Emergency Call Glitch In DL09 Update! Makes Sense

We reported over the weekend that, Androidcentral found a flaw in the DL09 Samsung Fascinate update that Verizon rolled out last week. In the new update, pushing the emergency call button while using pattern lock, yielded no result.  Samsung has acknowledged the problem and Samsung is working on fixing it.  They’ve issued the statement below:

Samsung Did Sell 10 Million Galaxy S Phones

Samsung has reported that they sold the 10 Million Galaxy S phones they were hoping for in 2010. Jason Kim, a spokesperson for Samsung told Bloomberg in an interview Sunday that Samsung hit their goal world wide.  The Samsung Galaxy S was released in June.  The Samsung Vibrant was the first Galaxy S to hit

Samsung Misses Unofficial Froyo Deadline

This is almost heartbreaking for me as I really love the Samsung Galaxy S line and the Galaxy Tab however we couldnt help but notice that Samsung missed their unofficial end of the year deadline for upgrading their US Galaxy S Variants. The Samsung Captivate on AT&T and the Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile were the

Samsung Website Puts Galaxy S Phones Back To 2.1

Earlier in the day we reported that the website was showing the US Galaxy S Variants; Fascinate, Vibrant and Epic 4G with Android 2.2 Froyo listed as their operating system. Low and behold they have returned the three handsets to Android 2.1 had speculated that the original change to 2.2 on the Samsung

Samsung Froyo Coming To US Galaxy S’ or Not So Much? is reporting that has tipped them off to the fact that the Samsung official website shows the Samsung Vibrant, Samsung Epic and Samsung Fascinate coming with Android 2.2 Froyo. How’s that for the horses mouth? Many Samsung Galaxy S owners have become frustrated with the manufacturer because of delays in updating the extremely

Samsung Galaxy Leads the Nominees in CTIA’s Hot For The Holidays

Washington DC- CTIA announced the nominees for this years “Hot For The Holidays” Competition. The Hot For The Holidays takes a mixed look at consumer mobile electronics and nominates products in various categories that mobile, gadget, lifestyle, social media and electronics experts evaluate to narrow down the finalists. The products are nominated in the following

Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate – Unboxing and Review!

Samsung has been really knocking them out of the park recently. So much good press has come their way that some weeks I feel like they are all anybody cares about. With the Tab coming and the Holiday season coming, Samsung is closing it’s extremely positive hands around the Android device market, ready to offer