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Samsung to launch a dedicated parental control app called Family Care

Samsung Galaxy C7

Samsung Galaxy C7

According to a new report, #Samsung is currently working on a new feature for Galaxy phones called “Family Care“. This will be a parental control app for Samsung’s handsets, that will seamlessly pair between parents and their child’s smartphone. Although there are plenty of parental control apps that are available out there, this will certainly get more traction since it will probably be pushed with the Galaxy S8 next year.

In terms of features, parents will be able to control usage times, permissions for app downloads, and reminders. Kids can request to be picked up from their existing location or pick a designated location that has been saved beforehand. This will allow parents to be in the know of where their kids are.

It’s not known if Samsung will release this right away or wait until next year. The latter is likely given that the Galaxy S8 is scheduled to be revealed in early 2017. Compatibility will be a major factor here since not everybody in the household would own a Samsung phone. It will be interesting to see how Samsung will combat this.

What do you think about an app like this?

Via: Sam Mobile