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Google Bans Facial Recognition Apps In Google Glass

People who are concerned that facial recognition apps will be used in Google Glass have nothing to fear as the tech giant announced that they will not allow such apps to be installed. In a blog post the company has updated their developer policies regarding this wearable device that explicitly disallows installation of any facial

Google rejects Glass facial recognition apps for now

Google will not approve facial recognition apps for Google Glass, at least for the moment, until it ensures that strict privacy protections are established. Thus, such facial recognition apps still have hope of getting approved once the Mountain View, California-based technology giant is able to guarantee that they may not be used in privacy abuses.

Viewdle Brings Game Changing Game To Android

Wow there’s those words “Game Changing”, and this time we’re talking about a game so it’s got to be good right? The folks at Viewdle have released a new vampire game to the Android market called Third Eye. So what makes a vampire game so earth shattering and game changing? It’s the way that Viewdle