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See I Was Right About Cityville

As a child of the 80’s born in the 70’s my first Sim like experience was with the original Sim City. Something always kept me coming back and when my cities were so big I’d destroy something and rebuild it. As a twitter guy I don’t log into Facebook that much but I’ve had one for

Google Extends Voip Gmail Calling Throughout 2011

If you checked your Gmail account in August you may have noticed a button to make a phone call. Millions took advantage of this great feature, the ability to execute a VOIP call from within the Gmail app. It’s actually genius and anyone who does a lot of work via email knows this. Google originally

Facebook for Android Gets Much Needed Update

Facebook for Android received an update to version 1.5.0 that’s currently available in the Android Market. This new update includes the highly anticipated chat functionality along with the equally anticipated push notifications. We’ll keep this short so you can get to downloading.

Zynga: Mafia Wars to Android, No Word on Farmville

“I have given you XXX in my mafia family” how many of those direct message tweets or facebook messages have you received? Tons right? That’s because the Mafia Wars franchise by Zynga is one of the most popular social networking games in the world.  Right next to their Farmville franchise. Zynga announced that they are

Whoops! Techcrunch Reveals Screenshot of Google +1

Google is working on their next soiree into the social space. First there was orkut, or what? orkut, yes and in fact Orkut is still there. Then there was Google Buzz, just buzzing along. Now the newest instance of Google’s attempt at social networking was originally thought to be called, then Emerald Sea and

Facebook Celebrates Chanukah With Special Facebook Yarmulke

If  you didn’t read our Chanukah song we let you know that New York raised, California implant and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is Jewish.  For Chanukah this year Jewish Facebook staffers from engineering, to marketing, to sales, received a special all blue Facebook Yarmulke.  The Yarmulke seen in the photo (small because we borrowed

Slice It Coming To Android Via Getjar

The award winning and amazingly popular iPhone game Slice It, has announced it’s coming to Android via the world famous Getjar app market.  We just reported yesterday that Getjar set an app download record with 100 million downloads of the facebook app. No wonder Slice It’s developer Com2Us has chosen Getjar for their release to

Getjar Sets Record with 100 Million Downloads

You think these guys from Getjar look happy in this picture? We are willing to bet they are happier now with the announcement that they’ve reached the 100 million download mark on one single application. Bruce Jones from GetJar is a huge supporter of the Android OS, however Getjar’s custom AppIt link allows Getjar users,

There will be NO Facebook phone…Zuckerberg’s final answer

If the motion picture “The Social Network” were 100% true than Mark Zuckerberg has grown up a lot since college in that he gives great answers like the one in the headline and then qualifies them with a complete explanation. From last week when Facebook sent the invites out for their “mobile” event yesterday, until

The Droid Guy Vindicated: Ipad is Not Mobile

We’re not going to waste your time with the boring details of the update to Facebook for Android. If you’re that interested please go to the market and get Facebook for Android 1.4.0, yes it’s got some perks but really I’ve never used places or groups. In fact people who are friends on my personal

Validation of the “Facebook phone” rumors?

The smartphone community was set ablaze last week at the news that Facebook was working on their own phone, instead of working to better the apps they deploy across every smartphone platform. The initial rumors were ignored by most here at The Droid Guy, mostly due to the response our own Elijah Ketchum got from

Facebook 1.3 stepping up a bit!

Two of the most common reasons for new Android Phone adopters are Facebook and Twitter, and while there have been plenty of great Twitter apps in the Android Market, like Hootsuite, Seesmic, Touiter, Twicca, Twidroyd and the Twitter for Android app, facebook on the other hand has lacked a bit. There has been much speculation