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Netflix Users Can Now Link Their Accounts With Their Facebook

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Netflix users in the United States will now be allowed to share what movies they are watching with their Facebook friends, making the website even more integrated into the American lifestyle.

Netflix has long wanted to bring itself closer to Facebook members, but some legislative hurdles have prevented the company from doing so. However, since President Barack Obama signed the Video Privacy Protection bill, Netflix users will now be able to share the movies they have watched to their friends on the social networking site. Even those who are not Netflix account holders can be able to see what their friends are up to in terms of movies.

Before the bill was signed into law by the President, the Video Privacy Protection Act requires users to approve in writing the sharing of titles that they have watched from Netflix to other social networking sites. Since this is improbable and impractical, Netflix lobbied for the amendment of the bill that will give it more leeway to share videos.

By default, sharing of the videos will be limited to Netflix. If you want to share a certain video on Facebook, you would need to enable the “social settings” on the Netflix website. As soon as it is enabled, you may also share the videos you have watched on your laptop with your other Netflix-enabled devices.

According to Netflix, this social setting feature will also have a slew of new capabilities that will be tested regularly. It will also have a venue for users to discuss the movies they have watched on the website. This only means that Netflix is really leaning towards making itself more integrated into the whole social networking thing on the Internet.

For those who fear that their privacies are being put in jeopardy, you can opt to turn this social setting off and watch movies without the need to share them afterwards.

Privacy Concerns

It is not uncommon for social media users to fear that they will be exposed to malicious malware and hackers if they regularly share with other websites what they do in another. This is a normal concern that both Netflix and Facebook should address well.

As you well know, one of the security questions used by Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and other websites to verify your account’s password is “What is your favorite movie?” However, since you are sharing such information to a social networking site that is being accessed by millions of people, this might not be such a “secure” security question after all.

Also, there is the matter of Netflix being able to access your Facebook account and the other way around. Remember that if you want to share your Netflix choices on Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking site, you will have to allow it to post on your behalf. This should only pertain to the movies you have watched and wanted to share, but we can never be too sure.

Netflix users shouldn’t be the only ones who should take precautions. The Internet is a friend, but it can also be your worst nightmare if you are specifically targeted by capable hackers and their destructive malware programs.

Source: Engadget