Facebook Messenger Video Call

Facebook Messenger gets video calling

The Facebook Messenger app for Android and iOS have just received a new video calling feature, making the app more versatile than ever. The social media giant can now stand toe to toe with the likes of Google Hangouts, Skype and several other video calling solutions out there. The feature works just as advertised and

Facebook Messenger - Fessenger

Fessenger is a Facebook Messenger app for Google Glass

Google Glass has been around for quite some time now with a myriad of apps written specifically for the device. However, one glaring exception was a dedicated Facebook Messenger app. That changes today with the arrival of the Fessenger application on the wearable. The functionality here is pretty fundamental as it allows users to receive

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger update brings Android Wear support

The Facebook Messenger app on Android is getting an update starting today which brings along support for Android Wear smartwatches. This essentially means that users can finally view their Facebook messages right within their smartwatch and even compose replies with voice typing. The update comes a couple of days after WhatsApp introduced support for Android Wear with

In defense of mobile messaging apps

Chat apps are popular, but some folks still prefer good ol’ SMS. If you’re one of those still sticking with SMS, here are a few points that might convince you to go for chat apps instead. Last week I was texting with my brother who lives across town. Given my interest in mobile chat apps

Apps and permissions: Is Facebook Messenger spying on us?

Google Play’s app permission system is meant to inform users of how far into our data and device an application will be able to access before we install an app, or before updating an app with revised permissions. But most users are not likely to bother reading the entire thing, which means we may already

Enable hidden facebook stickers on your android phone

  Love the new Facebook sticker? Post facebook home launch the company have been rolling out a new version of Facebook messenger with a new feature known as the Facebook chat head. The new version also comes with some cool new emoticons known as Facebook stickers which are way bigger and funnier than what we

Facebook Messenger Gets Voice Message Feature in Android

Facebook has just updated their Facebook Messenger app for Android which now includes a voice messaging feature. The current version in Google Play is 2.2.4 and if you haven’t updated your app I suggest you do so now. The new feature allows you to be able to record a voice message and send to your

FaceBook Releasing Stand Alone Messenger App

Facebook announced via their blog page earlier in the day, that they are releasing a stand alone messenger app for Android.  The new FaceBook Messenger App is supposed to release for Android and iPhone simultaneously.  The app will feature the ability to send and receive all FaceBook  messages. This includes FaceBook email, FaceBook messages (old